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Decoora It is a Actualidad Blog website. Our website is dedicated to world of decoration, and in it we propose original ideas for your home, garden, office ... while we talk about trends and developments in the sector.

El editorial team of Decoora is made up of fans of the world of decoration who are happy to share their experience and skill. If you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through this form.


  • Maria vazquez

    Although I directed my studies towards the industrial field and engineering, interior design, organization and order have always attracted me so I have found in Decoora a space where I feel in my element as it allows me to share tips, ideas and trends with you. Cooking, reading, animals and gardening are other of my passions. Although living in Bilbao, I only grow the latter from spring to autumn. Very homely and familiar, the little time that I am not working I dedicate to mine. In Decoora, I have discovered more than a job; It is my creative home, a place where my passion for aesthetics and functionality merge, allowing me to explore and share with you the latest trends, practical tips and clever tricks that transform houses into homes. Here, each article I write is a piece of my soul, a reflection of my love for the spaces that invite you to live them.

  • Virginia Bruno

    Content writer for 9 years, I love writing about a wide variety of topics and researching. In my free time I watch movies and reading is my passion. I like to write about science fiction and I have a book of short stories published. Write and decorate or decorate to write. It is my motto to write about decoration, cleanliness and order, sharing with you the most current trends, as well as very practical tips that are easy to apply. I am a tireless reader, lover of interior design and communicator by vocation. I write for several Spanish decoration sites, which have become my passion for decorating homes. My tips will help you have a more comfortable home and one in which you enjoy being yourself, applying your own rules in decoration since they do not exist, it is your own creativity and the perfect combination. Together we will create cozy, comfortable and elegantly decorated spaces.

Former editors

  • Susy fontenla

    Graduate in Advertising, what I like most is writing. Additionally, I am attracted to everything that is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, so I am a fan of decoration. I love antiques and Nordic, vintage and industrial styles, among others. I look for inspiration and contribute decorative ideas. In my constant search for inspiration, I explore flea markets, thrift stores, and art galleries. Each project is an opportunity to bring fresh ideas and unique perspectives that transform an ordinary space into a place full of character and style.

  • maria jose roldan

    Since I was little I paid attention to the decoration of any house. Little by little, the world of interior design has continued to fascinate me. I love expressing my creativity and mental order so that my home is always perfect. My love for aesthetics naturally led me to the world of decoration. I find beauty in simplicity and details that often go unnoticed. I am a decoration enthusiast who delights in the harmony of spaces and the story that objects tell. As a decoration editor, my goal is to inspire others to find their own stylistic voice and dare to experiment with their environment. Through my articles, I hope to convey not only knowledge and trends, but also the passion I feel for this visual art.

  • rose blacksmith

    My passion for design and decoration has been forged over a decade dedicated to the Retail sector. I began my professional career as a store manager, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the vibrant world of design in several showrooms in Madrid, a city that breathes art in every corner. This experience allowed me to develop a critical eye and a special sensitivity towards the aesthetics and functionality of space. In my career, I have always sought harmony between aesthetics and utility, a fusion that I consider the hallmark of Scandinavian design. It is a style that celebrates light, color and life, without falling into the trap of superfluity. As a decor editor, my goal is to share this vision, inspiring others to find beauty in simplicity and functionality in every corner of their homes.

  • Susana godoy

    From my earliest childhood, books and words wove stories in my mind, which led me to dream of being a teacher. That dream materialized when I obtained my degree in English Philology, a stage in my life where each text, each verse, brought me closer to teaching. However, life has its unexpected turns, and my heart found a second home in the art of transforming spaces: decoration. Although teaching will always be a part of who I am, it is in decorating where I have found my true calling. It is a field that challenges me to grow, to innovate and to push the limits of my creativity. And it is here, among color palettes and textures, where I feel truly at home.

  • Silvia Seret

    I have a degree in Hispanic Philology, and my love for words is intertwined with my fascination for interior design. My passion not only lies in the depths of classical and contemporary literature, but also in the beauty and harmony that surrounds us, in every corner and detail that makes up our environment. Since I was little, I have been drawn to the art of combining shapes, textures and colors to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tell stories and awaken emotions. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with various clients and projects, each with its own story and essence. I have learned that good design goes beyond decoration; It is a way of life, an expression of identity and a personal refuge. My goal is to capture the essence of people and capture it in their space, creating an environment that reflects their personality and lifestyle. As a decoration editor, I am dedicated to exploring the latest trends in interior design, from Scandinavian minimalism to baroque opulence, and everything in between. My favorite sport is to immerse myself in this diverse and dynamic world, and then share my impressions and discoveries with the world.

  • maruuzen

    My passion for interior decoration is born from this belief: that our home is more than a set of walls and furniture; It is an extension of our essence. I am dedicated to exploring trends, but always with a focus on personalization, because what works for one may not resonate with another. On my journey, I have transformed not only spaces but lives, helping people rediscover their love for their home and, in the process, themselves. Interior decoration is not only my profession, it is my way of connecting with the world, of leaving a mark in the hearts and homes of those who seek to make their space a personal sanctuary. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is how we feel in our most intimate space, our personal refuge.