Finishes for bathroom walls

Bathroom walls

Today there are many finishes that we can choose to decorate the walls of our bathroom apart from the traditional rectangular tiles or the classic marble. We can choose smooth anti-humidity paints, glass mosaics, ceramics, natural stone or even polished microcement to give a smooth and modern finish.

Among the many choices we can make, some are better for certain styles than others but all can be a good option for our bathroom if we know how to combine them correctly. Bathroom walls are always a point of concern because they are usually covered for practical reasons, but practicality does not have to be at odds with design.

Stone walls in the bathroom

Bathroom walls may have stone

One of the latest coatings for decorate the bathroom is the use of natural stones such as black slate or limestone in ocher tones combined with smooth painted areas or with a polished microcement finish. Within this option there are coatings that imitate natural stone, they are cheaper and easier to place, since the installation of natural stone must be done by a person specialized in placing this type of material so that it is perfect, instead of Imitation tiles come in a totally flat face which makes them easy to install. It is a finish that will undoubtedly be perfect for bathrooms that have a certain rustic touch or for those that add vintage pieces. This type of finish is not used, for example, in very modern bathrooms where something more polished and minimalist is wanted.

Use mosaic tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom walls may have mosaic tiles

Another option for the wall of our bathroom is the use of tiles or mosaics. There is a great variety depending on the material and the color, we can find mosaics of pebbles, with circle-shaped tesserae, with irregular shapes and even the most classic colors in the shape of a square made of glass or ceramic. We can also combine the matte and gloss finish and different textures on walls and borders. These mosaics are inspired by the Romans, in those bathrooms that were decorated with figures that were formed with these tesserae, although today we find more current ideas. These small mosaics can have a thousand colors and finishes and they give us a lot of play for the bathroom.

Opt for polished microcement

As we explained in a previous post, polished microcement is a relatively new material that can be applied both on floors and on walls and other surfaces and is resistant to moisture. It has a smooth finish and can be chosen from different colors and types of finish, brighter or more matte. Polished cement is a finish that is applied to concrete to make it smooth and shiny. It is an option that is very economical and easy to maintain, as well as having a certain industrial touch that is very popular today.

Microcement for the bathroom

Microcement for the bathroom

This is another material that can be applied on bathroom floors and walls and that provides us with a large number of finishes and a great quality. It has a cement base to which polymers, ultrafine aggregates and pigments are added. to achieve a smooth finish in which you can also choose an infinite number of colors. It is one of the most current choices for large surfaces where quality is desired despite wear and tear. If you want it for your bathroom, you will have a good material that is also very hygienic and provides you with high performance.

Choose quality ceramic

Tiles in the bathroom can look good

Among all the coatings that are manufactured for this area of ​​the house, ceramic is perhaps the one that has spread the most due to its great variety. We can find all kinds of designs, colors and finishes. And thanks to this wide range we find classic and modern designs at quite cheap prices. The finish of the walls with ceramic has multiple ideas. The tiles are still the most sought after option for the walls of our bathroom because there are many designs, they allow us to have a space with light and they are also resistant and are very easy to clean.

Choose to paint the bathroom walls

A no-work finish for bathroom walls is simply painting the walls. Yes, it has to be a good moisture resistant paint to prevent spoiling soon. It is a very simple solution and it also allows us to change the appearance of the bathroom with relative ease when we get tired of its colors. Painting the bathroom walls can be another good idea and we can always choose from a large number of colors, although currently light tones are used to give light.

Quality marble on the walls

Marble bathroom

Among the finishes that can cost us the most for a bathroom is marble. It is not something that is chosen many times, except for those bathrooms in which it is sought to elevate them to the quality of luxurious. Bill marble is an expensive material but the elegant finish it provides is very difficult to match, so it can be another sensational choice. If what we want is a bathroom that is above the standard bathrooms, this choice for covering walls may be the most appropriate, although we have to be willing to take care of it so that it looks good and to spend to cover the walls with marble.

Walls with wood in the bathroom

Wood is very beautiful in the bathroom

Years ago the idea of ​​putting wood in the bathroom could seem unreasonable, since this material could be damaged by the excess humidity in the bathroom. But today we find woods that have been treated and that can be used perfectly in the bathroom. In addition, woods of tropical origin are particularly resistant to humidity, making them ideal for this area of ​​the house. If you want a warmer tone in the bathroom, you can cover one of the walls with light wood sheets. Dark tones are also valid, although they are used in small quantities and to give everything an elegant and sophisticated touch.


A bathroom with wallpaper is perfect

The quality of the wallpapers has also caused them to be incorporated into the walls of many bathrooms to create truly original spaces. This material can be put on the walls and is quite resistant, although it will never be as durable as for example tiles or marble. However, it is a good choice for the sink area or to put a touch of color and patterns in the bathroom. Today's bathrooms can have all kinds of elements and the walls help us to unleash our creativity. With these wallpapers you can create wonders on the walls and you can leave the tile to cover other areas such as the shower.

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