Wooden folding doors in your home

Wooden folding doors

HR folding doors are not used very often, because we are used to other types of pieces with hinged doors or sliding doors. But they can be a very original and special type of door, so we also have to think of them as a possibility because folding doors offer us some interesting advantages.

We found folding doors designed for large spaces, but also for small areas such as cupboards or pantries. There are ideas for all tastes, because without a doubt they are doors that decorate and are very original compared to other more common ones. Let's see some ideas to decorate with folding doors.

Advantages of wooden folding doors

Folding doors are used in many spaces because they are doors that help us take advantage of square meters. When they are folded in on themselves, when they are open they do not take up much space, so they are perfect in many homes. If we want to have a fairly open space but without giving up privacyIt is important to use these doors because they can close large spaces without being a nuisance, hence they are very functional. Another advantage is that by being able to put yourself in such large spaces it is possible to create environments in which a lot of light enters, because they can also be good doors for the terrace area. Its versatility and functionality allow us to create very special environments with this type of door. But they are also great for small places, like a walk-in closet, closet, or small pantry. When folding the doors are never a nuisance in small areas.

Wood and glass folding doors

Folding doors with glass

The vast majority of these doors occupy large spaces and therefore have glass to let in the light and that the environments are not too dark. The combination of wood and glass is ideal because wood is traditional and gives warmth while glass has a modern and fresh touch, as well as offering luminosity to the environments. If you want more privacy, the glass can be opaque although in this case it will not let as much light through as if it were transparent. This type of glass is perfect for areas such as the living room or for a bathroom in case we use these doors in those areas.

Folding doors for the outside

Folding doors for exterior

This type of doors can be ideal for the outdoor area. To open the space to a large balcony or terrace area, we see folding type doors that also have a lot of glass between the wood, which gives them a much lighter appearance. They let the light pass so that even if we have them closed we can enjoy the outside in a certain way. When we want the exterior area to blend with the interior, we only have to open those doors, which when folded leave us a wide and open space. Hence, they are the best doors for this type of area, to make an easy transition between the exterior and the interior.

Retro folding doors

Classic folding doors

Among the wooden folding doors we find different styles. In this case we see a wooden door in a medium tone that has a very nice retro style. It is a more classic idea, perfect for a house that has old pieces and that wants to create a very special atmosphere. Being entirely made of wood, it has a somewhat more robust appearance but provides intimacy between one area and another, completely closing off the spaces. It is a good idea for a bedroom or home office.

Folding doors in wide spaces

Wooden folding doors

We have already said that this type of doors that fold in on themselves are ideal for certain spaces. Among them are the very spacious spaces with an open area. If we have a very open space to which we want to give some privacy from time to time, these doors help us to cover the intermediate area without problems. When they are open the area seems much larger. The idea is to be able to have wide open spaces but also to be able to close the area if we really want to have a less spacious space or enjoy a bit of tranquility in a separate area. This versatility is perfect for us.

Wooden folding doors on white

White folding doors

If you want these doors of wood have a much more modern touch we can buy the folding doors in white. The color white is very popular today, so it can be a great idea to paint the doors or buy them white. It brings much more light and is very current, in addition to being a trend that is booming right now.

Cabinets with folding doors

Folding doors for wardrobes

These folding doors are not only used to separate rooms, but are also used in other ways. One of them is use them for cabinets. It is also a great idea for a dressing room and we see this type of folding door as a very versatile idea for our closets.

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