Galvanized steel buckets as washbasin

galvanized steel sinks

Use containers of Galvanised steel As a washbasin it is not a new proposal. Already in other past times they were used for this purpose. There are still those who bet on them today. It is a good resource to give our bathrooms a charming rustic or vintage touch.

Buckets, basins, buckets… To create an original sink Any type of galvanized steel container can be used. It can be installed on a metal or wooden structure or furniture, although it is also an option to place it as an individual and free-standing element. In addition to the bathroom, it can also be present in the kitchen sink, on the terrace or in the laundry room. One thing is certain: this type of sink is not going to go unnoticed.

What is galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is a material widely used in construction. It is especially in plumbing, used to produce tanks and pipes, due to its durability and greater resistance to corrosion.

These cubes are made of a piece of steel covered with several layers of zinc. The galvanizing (or galvanizing) process, devised by the Italian physicist and physician Luigi galvani, which gave it its name, consists of coating a metal with a lower charge with another with a higher charge.

There are several ways to get this galvanized. The most popular mode is what is known as hot dip galvanized, through which the steel part is submerged in a zinc bath at a temperature of approximately 450 ºC. During this immersion, the zinc and steel melt creating a new, more hard alloy layer. This system is the one used in the case of buckets and pipes. The elements that we are going to use to decorate our bathroom.

The advantages of galvanized parts are as follows:

  • Greater resistance to atmospheric corrosion and humidity.
  • More durability. In less aggressive environments, its useful life can be extended up to one hundred years or more.
  • Does not need maintenance.

To these advantages we will add one more: they are pieces that can have a high ornamental value if used correctly, as we will see below.

Galvanized steel washbasins

galvanized steel sink

There is no doubt that the washbasin It is an essential piece in every bathroom. Independently or in combination with a piece of furniture, it is a practical element that we all use daily in our daily beauty and hygiene routine. Today the diversity of materials in which they are made is wide, the most popular being those made of ceramic materials, natural stones or synthetic resins.

The taste for vintage has meant that in recent years galvanized steel has also been added to this list of classic materials for washbasins. Not only that: In a short time it has achieved great popularity, even above other materials such as tempered glass or stainless steel. It is not surprising, therefore, that they have attracted so much attention.

In the example above, the solution is simple: a steel basin that could well have been in the garden before, housing a flowerpot, has simply been placed on the sink cabinet. An original free-standing sink. The image demonstrates how well they marry the wood and this type of material. The picture is finished off by the classic style faucets. It is, more or less, the same idea that we see in the image on the right of the gallery that heads this article.

And it is that the sinks made with galvanized steel buckets take us to a rural environment, in which time seems to have stopped.

Kitchen and outdoor sinks

galvanized steel sinks

It must also be remembered that, beyond being an attractive solution, it is also very functional. The zinc layers protect the steel, preventing it from rusting. Thus, we can use these cuvettes both inside and outside the house.

Round, oval, rectangular or square, galvanized steel buckets can add a unique touch to a kitchen with a rustic atmosphere. For example, that of a country house. Thanks to their metallic nature, they will not clash in a industrial style kitchen. The most important thing is to find a way to make them fit well into the overall aesthetic of the room. For outdoor use, the requirements in this regard are lower.

 Finally, there is a detail that can cast doubts on those who are thinking of using this type of buckets and trays to decorate: the irregularities which inevitably present all the objects that have undergone the galvanizing process. Gouache, color changes, whitish parts... However, it is precisely this type of irregularity that gives character to these pieces. That rustic and vintage flavor that also makes them unique.

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