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covered outdoor barbecue

Human beings like to get together, spend time together, enjoy by a fire, eat with friends. It must be a custom as old as our species. And it doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, we like to plan meals and parties, and if it is one barbecue better. These are fun times for everyone, so it's a great idea that we have our own barbecue area in the garden.

Today we bring some barbecue areas that convince anyone, with different styles but with everything you need to make meals for entire families. They're almost like cooking outside, so we love the idea, but it's not for every climate or garden.

Tips for setting up a barbecue area in the garden

barbecue area in the garden

The truth is that although the size of the space will matter when it comes to design, when there is a desire to have a barbecue outside, we just have to have ingenuity. It doesn't matter if the garden is big or small, if the grill should be far or close, it is important to find a way that everything curdles and you can indulge yourself.

The first is look carefully at the space you have. Is it a patio, a terrace, just a balcony? If you have a patio or a garden, much better, because you can design a sector for the barbecue/grill itself and the rest for an area of ​​food, relaxation and talks.

barbecue area with roof

The second thing to think about is that always add a roof so that the area is shaded and somewhat sheltered from the elements. Nothing worse than an annoying drizzle prevents you from enjoying the moment, or the same, a full sun. It may be that a sunny midday is something dreamed of when getting together with friends or family, but the poor person who has to cook under the inclement star is not going to have a very good time.

Be careful, we are not talking about a solid roof, it can be even a fabric awning or a group of wooden sticks that let the wind pass and some from the sun, but provide protection. And yes, it can withstand outdoor conditions.

covered barbecue area

Finally, if the space is large, the barbecue deserves size. But if the patio or garden is small, then it's time to look for smaller barbecues. you have to think about what there will be people moving, approaching to talk with the cook, permanent circulation of people and things. A portable barbecuethen it can be even better. You have it saved and when a meeting comes out, the barbecue comes out.

barbecues with friends

Now, the barbecue space in the garden must have other important furniture: namely, table and chairs and sometimes, an umbrella. Today many furniture resistant to the sun and temperatures or water are available. There are quite convincing plastic or wooden ones, although these options are always more expensive. With enough space the set can be assembled, without space it must be yes or yes foldable. Ikea has many options in this regard.

barbecue area with swimming pool

Are you lucky enough to have a pool in your garden? Then you must include it in the design. You can create the illusion of separate spaces by using different materials on the floor, for example. What if it's the other way around and my space is small? Not to be discouraged, you can too, although the meetings will be smaller and the cook will not have permanent company by the fire.

If the space is small, then you should think that most of the people will be standing, so circulation and movement should be encouraged. Use the walls to accommodate the table and benches and the best corner you have to place the barbecue.

BBQ area outside

The truth is that in the universe of barbecues there are many models, categories and prices. There are some that are great, all of stainless steel, very modern, easy to clean and super elegant. Don't be scared by the metallic shine, it combines very well with more rustic furniture so it won't detract from your space's warmth and charm. Nothing will be cold and it will take away the traditional that can end up being not very modern.

barbecue with bricks

Another good idea is add stone on the wall and also wooden furniture to create a more comfortable space. Although in one of the options they use wooden floors, it needs more maintenance than terrazzo, so the second option is much better.

We can also create a barbecue space with concrete blocks, adding sand and cement to soften. This makes it possible to create, for example, certain open spaces below or to the side of the grill. Even the cook's table or counter can be made of cement or wood, although if it is made of this element, you have to be careful and protect it from the elements. One important thing is everything is easy to clean. There is nothing worse than taking time to clean up after a meeting.

BBQ area

We can also think of spaces totally rustic, with simpler and more traditional barbecues, which on the other hand are cheaper and easier to maintain. An option if we do not want to spend as high a sum of money as with the other steel ones. We have to calibrate the use that we are going to give it to know which is the best option. Also, should our barbecue use charcoal or gas?

types of barbecues

Nowadays energy is not cheap and it seems that it will not be in the future either, so the use of coal is more attractive. In addition to the fact that the burning of these products gives a different flavor to everything we cook. If we aim for the simple and economical, the most classic barbecues, iron and not much else, are very simple to assemble. You only need refracting bricks, a good iron grill, its elements (shovel, brush, embers joint, gloves, fork, wooden boards and others), and an area to store firewood or charcoal, plus a brazier.

electric barbecue

Following this rustic and cheap line, I think that bricks are another good option, with an old and colonial air. Also, if there is space, you can add a clay oven. And if there is money, kamado They are beautiful, aren't they? The shape is more unusual, they look like an egg, and since they have ceramic they are heavier than a common grill. Temperature and airflow are adjusted through the top and bottom of the grill. They are, at least, picturesque.

Finally, a few last tips: place the barbecue at a safe distance from the house, avoid placing it near a door where many people circulate, especially children, always place it on a flat surface, away from combustible things or plants.

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