How to get rid of flies at home

fly cover

Sometimes there are undesirable guests in the home, I mean flies. When there is only one, its presence is hardly noticeable, but when there is more than one, it can bother you. The normal thing is that you take a fly killer and kill all of them, but it is not always necessary to resort to their death to eliminate themAn idea is also to scare them away so they don't bother you or have to kill them.

There are also people who choose chemicals such as insecticides to kill them, but these types of products are not good for your health, or for the health of your family, or for the environment. Chemicals, the less you use them, the better.

But then, how to get rid of flies in a natural way and that is also effective? The flies are diptera which means that they have two wings, there may be more than 1 million species of flies. Flies change their size as they grow and can range from smaller to several centimeters long. The house fly is the common fly, it cannot bite but they are a source of diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery and diarrhea. So the further you have these flies from your home the better because they can transmit diseases too quickly through them. 

The main causes why flies come to homes is due to garbage or fecal material (especially if you have cat litter in the garden or at home or perhaps compost). Flies are also attracted to food that is left uncovered and unprotected in the kitchen. What's more, they grow in areas of dense vegetation and weeds. 

house fly

Light traps

You can create a UV light trap to get rid of flies. It's a bit cruel because you attract the fly and then they die. This is an easy method of killing flies, but perhaps it is better to opt for other methods that serve to scare them away rather than to kill them.

Basil to get rid of flies

The smell of basil is an effective remedy against flies. Planting basil in your garden is a good remedy to keep flies away, you can also plant it on your kitchen windowsill in small pots. Planting mint, calendula, or lavender will also help keep flies away.. You can also enjoy its medicinal properties, what more could you ask for? Well, it smells very good on top!

Water bags

Surely you have ever been walking through a town and have noticed how there are bags of water hanging from the windows ... the people who do it are very wise! Clear plastic bags filled with water will help you avoid flies. They just won't try to get through!

slender fly

The cinnamon

Flies hate the smell of cinnamon. If you want them to stay away from your house, then you should use their scent in a natural air freshener. In addition to the fact that your house will smell wonderful, you can say goodbye to the flies because they will not stay in your home for a minute.

White wine

This method is to kill them too since if you put a little white wine with a little dish soap, flies will be attracted and poisoned when they approach to drink from the container that contains the mixture. It is an effective method to kill them, but if you can drive them away or otherwise remove them from your home, much better, right?

Cayenne pepper

You should put some water in a bottle of cayenne pepper spray and shake it all well. Then spray your whole house with this mixture, because it will work as an insecticide since it will kill the flies. But do not kill them unless it is strictly necessary, there can always be other options.

fly sucking


If you do not want the flies to come to your garbage, you should place some cucumber slices on the wastebasket to prevent the flies from laying eggs inside the container. Flies repel cucumber and they don't like the way it smells either. You can also put cucumber slices inside your house and you will realize how suddenly, the flies will be away from your home. This method is simple and has good results.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective methods, but it is also cruel because it involves killing them. Put a little apple cider vinegar in a bowl and add a little liquid detergent, it will seem that the surface is dense and the flies will approach thanks to its aroma. When they get close they will not be able to escape the deadly mixture and will drown in it.

With a fan

If you are in summer and there are many flies in your home, one way to scare them away and send them to another place is to turn on a fan. That way they will not get close because they will not want to fight against the force of the wind that makes the fan.

Essential oils

Essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, or lemongrass can help keep flies away from your home for quite some time. In addition to not having flies in your home, you can enjoy its great aroma in each of your rooms. You don't have to kill them, your house will smell good and they can live somewhere else away from you.

chair fly

Preventive measures to avoid flies

If you don't want there to be too many flies in your home you should take into account some preventive measures. Take note:

  • Keep your home clean and all facilities sanitary.
  • The disinfectant for your cleaning should be of good quality.
  • Throw out the trash regularly and don't keep it indoors.
  • The garbage cans in your home should always have a lid.
  • Don't have stagnant water anywhere in your home.
  • If you have pets, it will be necessary to clean their feces regularly.

Do you know more tricks to get rid of flies?

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  1.   light said

    The best solution is cleaning and never killing them, that will only attract more

  2.   paola said

    The truth is, the only thing that worked for me has been the bags of water