Glass mosaics on the kitchen front

glass mosaics

El kitchen front It is an area that can bring a lot of dynamism to the kitchen. It serves us to break the monotony of a basic and neutral kitchen, but also to highlight and draw attention to a specific area. Glass and crystal mosaics are one of the many alternatives we have to cover it. It is a perfect way to give a new look to one of the most important rooms.

The kitchen front must also be attractive and practical. Formed by compositions of small tesserae, mosaics become a comfortable proposal to install and with great decorative power. Among these, glass mosaics are especially interesting to illuminate the kitchen and bathe it in reflections.

What is a glass or crystal mosaic?

To be clear about what we are going to place on the front of the kitchen, nothing like betting on glass mosaic, as we have mentioned. We can define them as small tiles that have different finishes, in color, as well as varied shapes.. This is great news because thanks to these varieties we can always adjust them to all kinds of kitchen fronts. Thus ensuring that the final result will be the most spectacular. Its cut will be very simple but it is also that they also have the property of being able to cover areas even if they are not completely smooth.

Mosaics for kitchens

How are glass mosaics installed?

Without a doubt, it is a very simple process although you have to have a little patience, but the result will be worth it. First of all, we must make sure that the front of the kitchen does not have too many irregularities or perhaps cracks. The better it is, the better the end result will be. The surface must be clean but above all, dry before laying the mosaics. Now is the time to choose the base or the adhesive and fixing on which our mosaics will go. When choosing it, study if there is a lot of humidity or not, because it is something decisive for them to be more durable. Now all that remains is to place the mosaics, but to make them straight, it is best to draw a series of lines with the help of a laser level. Of course, when you have them placed, you must let them dry and this process can take more than a day.

Finally you can fill the joints in order to seal the work. But it will also depend on the type of mosaic you have chosen. Because depending on the space between each one of them, it will have different joints and if they are very narrow they will not need anything else because it may be a bit overloaded.

bright kitchen front

The advantages of decorating the front of the kitchen

Nowadays the wide variety of meshed mosaics makes it a complicated task to decide on one option or the other. We find proposals made with different ceramic materials: natural stone, vitreous and ceramic material; but also others less popular and equally interesting such as those made in wood, metal or glass.

Glass mosaics are especially interesting for their ability to reflect light. A feature that brings light to spaces and visually enlarges them. Therefore, a highly recommended option for decorating small kitchens and/or kitchens with little natural light. Perhaps this is one of the great advantages of decorating the front of the kitchen with glass mosaics.

kitchen front decor

Tiles made from recycled glass can be transparent or opaque with gloss or matte finish. Only tiles of the same finish and color can be combined, thus achieving homogeneous and sober kitchen fronts, or different finishes and/or colors can be combined, making the kitchen front the absolute protagonist of the space. If you are looking to add depth to your kitchen, translucent glass mosaics with the color on the back They can become your best ally. Combine glossy and matte finishes and you will achieve great dynamism. In addition to the translucent ones, the tiles in shades of white, gray and turquoise are the most popular; the latter with spectacular results such as those shown in images. Do you like this type of tiles to cover the kitchen front?

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  1.   Cristina said

    You can mention the tile brands shown in the pictures. Thank you. Greetings,

    1.    Maria vazquez said

      Hello Cristina. The Bodesi and Original Style brands have products similar to some of the ones you will find in the images. Anyway you can go to any company specialized in coatings; they will show you a broader catalog.