Gold faucets for kitchens and bathrooms

Golden taps

After prominence of copper, the golden faucets They emerge as an elegant and sophisticated trend in interior design, adding a touch of class to kitchens and bathrooms. Today we explore the reasons to consider incorporating gold faucets into kitchens and bathrooms, as well as the colors that best combine with this accessory.

Why decorate with gold faucets?

There are multiple reasons to choose a faucet with a gold finish, now if there is one thing you should be clear about when decorating your home, it is that each room must be designed for your enjoyment. So read the different motifs to include golden faucets and then let yourself be guided by your intuition to give them a yes or no:

  • Elegant: Gold faucets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, elevating its aesthetic appearance.
  • timeless style: Gold is a classic color that never goes out of style, guaranteeing a long-lasting design.
  • Romantic style. Gold with aged finishes is also a romantic color that can help you reinforce this style.
  • Contrast: Gold faucets create a very attractive contrast with black and white finishes and other neutral tones adding a focal point to the decoration. If your kitchen is boring, a simple change of taps can do a lot for it.
  • Versatility: Golden faucets adapt to different decorative styles and combine perfectly with a wide variety of colors as we will see later.

Taps for black and white bathrooms

The one to place golden faucets In the bathroom it is a trend that does not go unnoticed. One that can also be applied to the bathroom in white or black color with an elegant result and without fear of making mistakes if the details are taken care of.

Taps for black and white bathrooms

Some taps combined with some simple ones gold light fixtures, can transform a white bathroom and make you enjoy the same atmosphere that would catch your attention in the bathroom of a luxury hotel. The finer the elements, the more attractive the result will be.

And if in the white bathrooms the gold faucets stand out, oh, in the black ones! Now, to achieve an elegant but not ostentatious atmosphere in a black bathroom, our advice is to reduce the number of gold elements, limiting yourself to the taps and opting for gold with less shine and/or slightly aged finishes. 

Golden faucets in white kitchens

Gold kitchen faucets are a sophisticated and classic option for decorating white kitchens. They provide a touch of luxury and create a feeling of warmth that never hurts in this room where we usually meet. Have your kitchen a classic, modern or even rustic atmosphere, gold faucets can complement and enhance your overall aesthetic.

Gold handles in white kitchens

To maintain cohesion in the design, it is advisable to also use other golden elements in the kitchen, such as handles, lamps or kitchen accessories. Bar handles are a classic and timeless choice that adapt perfectly to a current style. Combine them with tall, rounded taps and you will achieve a balanced and very modern result.

Trendy colors with which to combine gold faucets

We know that the combination of white and gold brings an elegant, bright and fresh air to any room. And the choice of gold faucets in kitchens and bathrooms with black furniture and accessories is modern and sophisticated. But These are not the only colors that used in kitchens and bathrooms work well with gold faucets, not at all!

Colors to combine with gold faucets

There are numerous colors, among these many trendy colors, that will fit perfectly with a gold faucet. And then we share with you our favorites so that you can consider them in your next renovation:

  • Pearl gray: El pearl gray It subtly complements the shine of the gold, creating a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere at the same time. If white kitchen cabinets do not fascinate you and you are afraid that black will darken the room too much, gray becomes a perfect neutral alternative.
  • Woods and beiges. How well gold faucets fit into a room decorated in natural and warm tones. Wooden cabinets and countertops in very light beige tones or with veins in these tones create an ideal framework for this type of faucets. The result will be warm and welcoming.
  • Terracotta. Terracottas are gaining a lot of prominence in decoration; In addition to warmth, they provide an exotic touch to the rooms. And as with any earthy color, gold faucets fit perfectly with these, adding shine.
  • emerald green: This intense shade creates a palette that we would describe as luxurious and exclusive with gold faucets. One of our favorites for the bathroom, definitely.
  • dark blues. Gold faucets stand out a lot in a room decorated in dark tones and blue seems ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms. It is a relaxed, friendly and elegant color, don't you agree?
  • pale roses. Until a few years ago, pink in our homes only had a place as the protagonist in children's bedrooms and yet today it is possible to find it in marriage bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens successfully. If you are looking for a not-too-exploited combination that adds character and a feminine touch to your home, go for pink furniture or tiles and gold taps.

By choosing gold faucets for your kitchen or bathroom, you will be opting for a refined design that will add a touch of luxury to these spaces. And as you have seen, it fits in a multitude of environments so if you want you can opt for these.

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