Hexagon tile ideas for the kitchen

Hexagon tiles for the kitchen

Hexagon tiles They are especially popular in bathrooms and kitchens. And there are so many ways to use them in this last room that we do not want to miss the opportunity to share with you 12 ideas for incorporating hexagonal tiles in the kitchen.

This type of tile that is put on honeycomb shape It will bring a lot of personality and a unique style to the kitchen. With different sizes, colors and finishes, it will also provide you with many stylistic possibilities both to decorate retro-style kitchens and modern and avant-garde kitchens. Discover some ideas!

Why opt for hexagonal tiles?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. geometry lovers You will find in these tiles a great ally to apply this concept in your kitchen. But you don't have to be a geometry lover to opt for these tiles since they provide numerous advantages:

  • El rise of geometric shapes In decoration it is a reality and hexagonal ceramics allow you to apply this trend on both walls and floors.
  • The durability It is one of the most outstanding qualities of ceramic tiles and particularly of the porcelain tiles. They resist impacts much better than any other type of material and are also very resistant to humidity, which is why they continue to be the first option in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • They are easy to maintain; You can clean them with a mop and they are resistant to both detergents and abrasive chemicals. Together with their resistance to humidity, this characteristic makes them one of the most hygienic and safe materials in the kitchen.
  • Hexagonal ceramics adds originality to the aesthetics of the kitchen. And it can be as creative as you want, coming in both monochromatic and printed designs, in a wide variety of colors and with very different finishes.

12 examples of kitchens with hexagonal tiles

Do you need concrete ideas to inspire you to place hexagonal tiles in the kitchen? In Decoora We show you nothing more and nothing less than 12 ideas from which you can draw inspiration for many others. Shall we start?

1. Floor with floral motifs

Small hexagonal tiles allow you to incorporate this trend in a subtle and elegant way on your kitchen floors. Furthermore, if you opt for designs with floral motifs like the ones we show you, you will be providing your kitchen with a retro and classic style. White hexagonal tiles are the favorites to create this type of designs combined with black, blue or green motifs.

Hexagon tiles with floral motifs

2. Design and geometry

Freshness and joy are reflected in the environment with this floor that exudes creativity. Use as a base small size hexagonal tiles in a neutral color like white or black and have fun with color later.

Hexagon kitchen tiles

3. Transition to a wooden floor

Years ago, combining white and gray hexagonal tiles as a transition to a wooden floor became a trend in the kitchen. Today it does not have as much prominence as then but it is still a great alternative for protect the most delicate areas of the kitchen and enjoy continuous flooring in your home. And, of course, to visually separate environments in the same space in a natural way.

4. XXL floor

Create a geometric design throughout the entire room using a same color palette with XXL format It is a proposal that will add a modern touch to your kitchen. And if we have to decide which is our favorite, we would not hesitate to opt for the one that opts for neutral tones in gray and/or brown tones.

Hexagon tile ideas in the kitchen

5. White wall with contrasting grout

White tiles have recently gained a lot of prominence, whatever their design, with contrast grout. And not in any color but in tones striking like yellow, green, fucia pink or orange. Would you dare with something like this in your kitchen?

6. Marble effect kitchen front

If you want a timeless and elegant option of using hexagonal tiles in the kitchen, you can't go wrong with this one. Marble tiles or those that imitate the light and veins of it, are a fantastic option in small format to tile the kitchen front.

Hexagon tiles for the kitchen

7. Hexagons with non-symmetrical elongated designs

If you are not convinced by the symmetry of these tiles because you prefer more organic shapes, you still have an opportunity among hexagonal tiles to tile the kitchen. Some elongated designs like the ones in the image that make the tiling play with different directions.

8. Elongated vertically

We return to symmetry with a proposal also elongated but more linear like the previous ones. We love these small tiles in green or blue tones to tile the kitchen front, don't you?

Ideas for tiling the kitchen

9. Transition on the wall

In the same way that we proposed transitions on the floor, we do it on the wall. Medium-sized hexagonal tiles are a great ally to protect those areas that can be splashed with water or grease in the kitchen, without having to tile the entire wall.

10. Multicolored wall

Do you dare to combine tiles different colors or shades on the wall? The result will be modern and cheerful and you have several ways to put it into practice. If you are looking for a more discreet bet, go for a combination of natural tones that are not very bright. While drawing attention is your goal, tiles in blue or green tones in different tones combined with white to achieve a gradient will become your great ally.

Multicolored tiles

11. Extra bright

Some tiles with a glossy finish like the ones in the image not only They will bring light to the kitchen but they will attract all eyes. We love them in green tones, although our favorites are undoubtedly dark blues. Aren't they glamorous?

Glitter tiles

12. Inlaid with gold

And we don't abandon the shine because if there's one thing our latest idea for placing hexagonal tiles in the kitchen does, it's shine. And he does it through golden details using either small tiles with this finish mixed with other white and gray ones, or with gold inlays on some tiles.

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