High ceilings? Take the opportunity to create a loft and gain space

Creating mezzanines helps you gain space at home

Do you often think how to save space at home? Would you like to have a rest space for yourself? A place to put a library? If your ceilings are high creating a mezzanine can provide you with the extra meters What do you need at home? Look at the ideas that we share with you today to do it.

If you live in an old apartment with high ceilings, creating a mezzanine is always a intelligent proposal to take advantage of the height. And it is that all that space that is beyond 2,50 meters in height is space that we generally do not use. Remedy it!

Can I install a loft?

We are talking about high ceilings, but it is a generalization that can be misleading. Can I really create a loft at home? What height do I need for it? These are questions that you should ask yourself so as not to get too excited about the idea.

loft house

We cannot give you general answers to these questions, but we can try so that you understand that it can prevent you from creating those lofts that you crave. The first condition to be able to design and build a mezzanine is to have a minimum height that allows you to have a functional ground floor and enable a higher space.

In general, in newly built homes, For rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, the minimum established between the finished floor and ceiling is 2,50 metres, while in kitchens, bathrooms and walkways it is 2,20 metres. As for the cabinets, they do not require a height greater than 1.8m, which allows you to use the upper space with greater slack. And if the house is old? In those built before 2012 the requirements are lower, check them in your Town Hall!

Thus, you will only be able to create two fully habitable spaces, in which you can walk without bending over, with a minimum height of 4,5 meters. But don't get discouraged! You can create practical storage spaces with a free height greater than 0,60 meters that can be accessed by a sliding ladder. Or places to relax or work with a free height between 1.20 and 1.90 meters, even if you have to move somewhat hunched over.

The best uses for a loft

What are the most frequent uses for this type of attics? The storage area is undoubtedly the most popular because it is the least demanding in terms of meters. But being able to play with the height, the idea of ​​creating a work space, a reading corner or a space where someone can sleep from time to time, is much more interesting, don't you think?


It is very common in homes to create a mezzanine at the entrance of the house and in general in passageways with high ceilings. These areas are usually shallow, about 60-80 centimeters, so that it is comfortable to access everything stored from a standing ladder.

Attics to store things

These mezzanines resemble the upper parts of the closet in which we place things we need once a year. Why? Because it is not practical to go up and down the loft daily, but they are an excellent option to reserve the most accessible storage space for things that we need or to which we must resort frequently. Suitcases, Christmas decorations, shoes out of season...

A refuge in children's rooms

Children's rooms give us so much play... and it is that in them we can be as creative as we want. The mezzanines are in these rooms a wonderful proposal to create a shelter where the little ones can sit down to read, paint, play...

A great idea is to place these lofts over the closet or bed area. It is not necessary that it be very deep, 80 centimeters can be more than enough to place a mat, a small bookcase and some baskets with toys.

Mezzanine in children's bedrooms

Is a form of clear main area of the room and can serve as a bedroom in a timely manner for a cousin or a friend of your son who comes to the house. Don't you think it is a very fun and practical proposal at the same time to incorporate into the children's bedroom?

A space for relaxation

I love the idea of ​​having an extra seating area at home. Create a loft and take the opportunity to place in this a comfortable armchair and a built-in bookcase. In this way, you will have an intimate corner ideal for taking a nap, reading or simply disconnecting.

These areas dedicated to relaxation are often placed on kitchens open to the living room or in this room and on the sofa. The ideal is to create a fixed ladder that is safe to climb these. Takes a lot of space? Take advantage of it by taking advantage of the lower space to place the pantry or a work area.

a work area

And in the same way that you create a space for relaxation, you can create a work space. In both spaces you will remain seated, so it is not necessary that they have a great height. Nor that they are excessively long; if you cannot walk comfortably through them, in fact, the ideal is for them to be small, with just enough space to place a desk, a bookcase and a chair.

Do you like the idea of ​​creating a loft at home? Do you have the necessary space for it?

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