Design ideas for the ceiling of your home

ceiling designs

The ceiling is an area of ​​the home that often goes unnoticed thinking that its decoration is not important, but the reality is that it is just as important as any other area of ​​the home. Many people decide to decorate the ceiling so that it is smooth and white so that it can give the feeling of spaciousness to the room, although it is a good option there are many other ideas so that you can decorate the ceiling of your home and make it incredible.

The ceiling seems to be an area of ​​the home that goes unnoticed, however, a great ceiling design in any area of ​​the house can give a room great character, a unique personality ... it can become an individual place that does not go unnoticed by those who visit your home.

The perfect ceiling design varies for each room in the home and will depend on the available space that one design or another is chosen. The surrounding walls and the general theme of the house will also be important to consider before thinking about a model or colors to choose from. From a tray-shaped ceiling, a beamed ceiling, a smooth ceiling with spotlights ... your tastes will also play a very important role in giving the room a beautiful, exclusive and exceptional appearance. Don't miss out on some ideas to decorate and design your ceiling, maybe that way you can be inspired and find the solution that you really like and that best fits your home.

A light bulb

The fact that there is a light source on the ceiling gives a lot of play to a room because great effects of amplitude and luminosity can be achieved. Modern ceilings can do much more than provide a smooth white ceiling. There are many types of designs that offer the way architects play with form and function, something that can include beautiful LED lighting units as part of the design, to have an elaborate and incredibly beautiful ceiling.

ceiling designs

With the spotlights you have a modern alternative with an elegant and sophisticated design that offers you a classic look through the use of ceiling lamps and chandeliers. An innovative ceiling design can work wonders for any room, especially when it is combined with proper lighting technique. 

You can also, if you have the opportunity, add a light hole so that the light enters directly from the ceiling and illuminates the entire room. It is a way to make the most of natural light. It is ideal for bedrooms, because in this way when sleeping if you want, you can look directly at the stars.

Play with depth perception

One of the reasons to design a ceiling that is totally custom is that it can offer a unique and bright appeal. Just the fact that you can alter the visual impression of a particular room already makes a big difference and It will show a lot of decorative style in your home. 

For example, on the roof of a cathedral, depth is played to give a feeling of depth and spaciousness throughout the place, thus increasing the feeling of space. In your home, following this idea of ​​depth you can get great sensations albeit with a more compact and contemporary touch, without departing from modern design trends.

ceiling designs

There are different shapes and ceiling designs that can generate a feeling of height and a feeling of spaciousness for a house while giving it great charm. You will only have to contact a designer or architect to find a ceiling design that makes you feel like it is the perfect space. You can think of getting a more spacious place, with a modern perspective…. what you want to achieve you can achieve.

Wooden beamed ceiling

A ceiling with wooden beams is a way to have a classic or something rustic ceiling in any room. Think about the decorative style that you want to predominate in this room and when you have it clear, ask yourself if wooden beams may or may not be appropriate for you and your home.

There are architectural structures that already have wooden beams And that in this case I advise you to take advantage of them to enjoy this beautiful architectural element to enjoy a unique style in your rooms. If the wood is not in good condition, you will only have to treat it with the help of professionals to make it look incredible.

Ceilings with beautiful shapes

The ceiling can also be decorated with beautiful shapes following different patterns. Plaster can make great molds to make the ceiling look amazing. You can turn your ceiling into a white background with designs of different colors. Your imagination will limit you, and always, seek help and advice from an interior professional for good ideas.

ceiling designs

Ceiling with decorative mural

Many people are opt for ceilings with a 3D mural because it creates a spectacular image on the ceiling that can deceive human perception and make you feel great sensations. Although this type of decoration for the ceiling I advise it to be for rooms such as the bathroom or children's playroom, but not to be used in rooms such as the living room or bedroom, since they are intended for rest and this type decoration could become overload.

Smooth ceiling with lights

One way to give a personal touch to the ceiling is to have it smooth, in the color you prefer and add all your personality in the lights. You can leave a hole in the middle of the ceiling to add a nice and large lamp (for example chandelier or more traditional) or perhaps you prefer to have a completely smooth ceiling with light fixtures to be able to play with the lights and turn on only those that you think are necessary at any given time.

These are some ideas so that the ceiling of your home stops being boring and has a little more personality, because the ceiling is also an important part of the room to decorate and show a great style.

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