How to choose the best base for your mattress


Being able to sleep properly will depend on various factors as is the case of having a good bed. When it comes to getting a good night's sleep and being able to enjoy a good rest, it is essential to have a suitable mattress and to have a suitable base.

In the following article we will talk about the different bases or structures that exist for the mattress and what to do to choose the best ones to sleep and rest well.

The importance of having a mattress base

Today it is unthinkable to place the mattress on the floor and sleep on it. The bases or structures are essential when it comes to protecting the mattress from elements such as humidity or dirt. A good foundation helps the mattress last much longer and does not deteriorate over time, as well as helping to protect the back.

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Types of mattress bases

In the market you can find three types of structures or bases for the mattress: the mattress, the sofa and the upholstered base. Then we are going to tell you about each of the structures and the characteristics of each of them:

  • The laminated bed base is a structure made from sheets and that serves as the base to put the mattress. The normal thing is that the bed base is made of beech wood. The quantity and thickness of the slats will determine the flexibility of the bed base. If what you want is a mattress that is flexible, you have to opt for one that has thin sheets and separated from each other. If you want a more rigid bed base, you should opt for thicker sheets and joints between them. The mattress is a type of perfect structure for those mattresses that need more breathability.
  • The articulated bed base is another type of structure for the mattress. It is a base that is divided into three or four parts. The characteristic of this type of bed base is that each part can be moved at different angles to obtain a better rest. The inclination of the bed base is achieved thanks to an electrical system or in a manual way. The articulated bed base is designed especially for those who have certain problems when moving or who have problems that affect the respiratory system.


  • Another of the most popular structures is undoubtedly the sofa. It is a structure that serves as the base of the mattress and also has a space to store things. The popularity of the sofa is due to this double function that it has and that it is perfect for those bedrooms that are too small and do not have much space to store objects. The settee can be folded up or have a series of storage drawers.
  • The last structure that you can find on the market is the upholstered base. It is a fairly solid base that prevents the mattress from sagging or deforming with use or the passage of time. The upholstered base is ideal for those types of mattresses that perspire without any problem. In most cases this type of base is usually covered with wood, to give a greater feeling of robustness at bedtime.



What type of mattress base is the most suitable

There is no perfect base for the mattress, so the person must choose the one that best suits what they are really looking for. Before opting for a type of structure, it is important to buy a good mattress that does not damage the back or neck and that helps you rest in an optimal way. For those who are looking for something flexible, the best option is the mattress. If, on the contrary, you are looking for something much firmer, the best choice would be the sofa or the upholstered base.

If the person in question has back problems, it is best to have a base and mattress as solid and firm as possible. Anyway, Before taking the step, it is advisable to go to an expert to help clarify all possible doubts.

Ultimately, Rest and being able to sleep the recommended hours are essential for good health. In addition to having a suitable mattress, it is important to choose a good structure or base so that this rest is the most optimal possible. As you have seen, in the market you can find different types of bases that help you sleep well. It is important to invest on such a basis since rest is essential on a day-to-day basis.

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