How to choose the color of your interior doors

Interior door color

Are the doors of your house damaged? Painting them is an alternative that will also allow you update the image of your house economically. And it is that the doors have much more to say in the decoration of a home than we think. They have a great decorative power that is why choosing the right color is so important, but how to choose the color of the interior doors?

It is common to find walnut, oak or sapelly colored interior doors in our homes. These bring great warmth to our homes, but when it's time to modernize them There are many colors that we can use and with which we can also enhance the brightness, elegance or style of the home. We show you which ones!

What color do I choose?

In order to choose the most suitable color for the interior doors, it is convenient to analyze different characteristics of our home, like the natural light it receives, the wall color, the color of the floor or the decorative style that prevails in it. Once analyzed, among the possible colors it will be as important to choose the one that fits with the aforementioned characteristics, as well as our own tastes.

White doors

We all know that to seek maximum luminosity, white lacquered doors will always be a good alternative. But why do we also talk about the color of the walls? Because using the same color on walls and doors we will achieve a very different effect than if we decided to create a constant between these elements. In general…

  • Betting on him same color on doors and walls the sense of continuity will increase. With this choice, the doors will go unnoticed and furniture and other decorative elements will take on a greater role.
  • The more contrast there is between walls and doors, but these will attract attention. Black doors, for example, will attract attention between white walls, becoming an element of great decorative power.
  • With light walls and floors in neutral tones, the doors in dark tones become a great attraction.
  • While when the ground is darkIt is best to paint the doors a dark or medium neutral color.

The most popular colors

Known the first keys to choose the color of the interior doors let's talk about colors. When in doubt neutral colors they are always a good alternative. A timeless choice and one that you do not get tired of quickly. But there are many neutral colors and each one will convey a different feeling.


White works whatever the decorative style of your home. If your doors are made of wood, painting them white will have a great influence on the general aesthetics of the home. It will rejuvenate and modernize it. And it will fill it with light if you bet on painting the walls also white, thus achieving visually larger spaces,

If you decide to renovate your old doors and paint them white like the walls, don't forget to update and paint the skirting boards as well. We rarely talk about skirting boards and yet their design has changed significantly. Before they were placed together with the wooden doors, today the usual thing in modern-style homes is to paint them the same color as the walls or doors.


Gray is an elegant and current color with which to paint interior doors. The soft grays they are an excellent choice to achieve a bright, serene and relaxed atmosphere. We can create with these and a white wall a delicate, subtle and also elegant contrast. But we can also unify walls and doors to achieve a modern and minimalist environment without fear of losing light in the different rooms.

Gray internal doors

Medium and dark grays they fit perfectly in sophisticated environments, especially when they are integrated into walls of the same tone or slightly lighter as in one of the proposals in the image above. If you bet on contrast, choosing a pure white for the walls and a dark gray for the doors, on the other hand, the sophistication of which we were talking is not so enhanced, but rather the actuality or modernity of the house.


Another perfect color to paint interior doors is black, especially if the walls are light. If we talk about how to choose the color of the interior doors to provide a modern touch to classic settings, black would be our first choice. But it also works very well in minimalist interiors. Black is also a color with a lot of personality; They will not leave anyone who visits your home indifferent.

Black doors

Dark blue

Dark blue works great in spaces sober and elegantly dressed interiors to those who want to give a more relaxed touch than the one that would be obtained with black. However, if we look at trends, they do not invite us to combine doors in this color with white walls, as was the case with black. How do they invite us to do it, then?

Blue internal doors

Apparently trends prefer more subtle contrasts than blue doors with white walls. Contrast like the one that is created with gray tones, for example, or with other blues, the latter option being much more risky. Although trends also invite us to bet on a wall in which the doors are perfectly camouflaged. In a spacious room such as the living room and with light furniture in white or gray tones, this is a rare bet but, in our opinion, very interesting.

What color do you like the most to paint the doors of your house? In addition to these you have other options in green or pink that you could dare with. Take them all into account!

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