How to combine the lamps in the living room

Living-dining room lighting

Good lighting is key to creating a pleasant atmosphere in our home but also to make each space functional. However, it is not always easy to do it in large open spaces such as those that are a trend in our homes today. Do you finally want to know how to combine the lamps in the living room? Stay with us.

Properly distributing the lamps will allow us to comfortably carry out each of the activities that we want to develop in the dining room. And just as important as knowing where to place them will be knowing choose the type of lamp to achieve a cozy space. Because one without the other will not work.

The goal: efficient lighting

Efficient lighting involves working both with the design of our home to make the most of natural light and with the correct distribution of light points. Paying attention to the needs of your family will be key to achieving optimal electric lighting. You want to know more? These are the three key points of efficient lighting:

Take care of the lighting in your home

  1. The orientation and distribution of a house, They help to maximize the use of natural light. Choosing correctly what to allocate this or that room according to the natural light that penetrates each one of them, can save us a lot of money in the long term. However, this is not always in our hands.
  2. If you are, take any opportunity to increase the entry of natural light. Keeping the blinds open until the light hides, choosing translucent fabrics such as linen or chiffon for making the curtains and placing mirrors that reflect the light that enters through the windows, is in our hands when decorating.
  3. Correctly locating the light points is the third key. What type of light do you need in each room? It is important to analyze where and what type of activities you do in each room to know where to locate the light points and what type of lamp to choose in each case.

Lighting in the dining room

Lighting the dining room is not easy because We carry out a wide variety of activities in this space.. It is the place where we meet friends and family, the place where we eat, a place to relax and sometimes also a place to work. And we have to get the right light for each of the moments. How? Created different points of light and combining different types of lamps:

  • One or two lamps above the dining table It provides a direct but not too intense light. Depending on the size and shape of the table, you could choose lamps of different types: round or elongated, articulated or fixed. The possibilities are endless, although the preferred ones to illuminate this point are hanging lamps.
  • Do you have a cupboard near the dining room table? Illuminating and giving prominence to your content is always interesting. The chosen light can be of a functional or decorative type, with the sole objective of highlighting that piece that you like so much. To that end for illuminate this and others storage furniture you could opt for spotlights, panels, light strips or adjustable sconces.

Lamps to illuminate the dining room table

  • In the sofa area, On the coffee table it is common to install a ceiling lamp that provides a light powerful enough to illuminate the entire area and that also allows equalizing light contrasts and creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • In the living room it is also essential a floor lamp that provides indirect light to the living room when there is no natural light and we seek to create a more secluded and intimate space.
  • Also, if you are used to reading on the sofa, you will recite a direct light to be able to do it without straining your eyes. A lamp with articulated arms that allows you to regulate the intensity of the light It can help you kill two birds with one stone: provide an intimate light to the room and, when necessary, a more direct one for reading.
  • Also in the side tables next to the sofa or in the television cabinet you could place a table lamp.

Different lighting points in the living room

How to combine the lamps

Now that you know how many light points you need, where to place them and what type of lamp is the right one to cover your needs, it is time to think about how to combine the lamps in the living room so that aesthetically they make sense and contribute to creating an attractive and pleasant space.

Something frequent is to use the lamps so that the different spaces have their own personality. Or what is the same, place a style of lamp in the dining room and another in the living room to aesthetically define the spaces.

How to combine lamps

It is also important, especially if the number of light points is high play with repetition and symmetryFor example, using two identical pendant lamps on the dining table or two identical table lamps on different surfaces in the living room.

Find a common point between the lamps that decorate the living room It's also a great strategy. You could combine a floor lamp with a brass structure and a textile lampshade with a brass ceiling lamp or two adjustable sconces in the library.


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