How to cover the tubes and integrate them into the decoration

plug the tubes

Nowadays the furniture has been adapted to hide the cables of the audio and video devices. And it is that these, like other elements, generate a tremendous visual noise. Noise that today we are trying to eliminate by showing you how to cover the tubes so that they can be integrated into the decoration.

Tubes and pipes can be a problem When decorating our house, that is why it is so important to have these elements present in the project. However, once this opportunity is lost, we can take different measures to hide them. Measures for all budgets.

Does your house have a modern or industrial style? Nowadays paint the tubes in such a way that contrast with the wall and stand out it's in fashion We would like to tell you that it can be a good alternative for your home but we cannot guarantee it. And it is that when their design has not been planned to be seen, these are usually distributed throughout the rooms without order and concert, making it difficult to take advantage of them aesthetically. Much more complicated, of course, than it is to cover them.

sight tubes

Before plugging a pipe…

Have you decided to cover the tubes that break aesthetically with the aesthetics of your living room? Before doing so, it is necessary to take into account that both the installation of cables and pipes follows strict safety regulations to avoid accidents. And that before any modification that implies manipulation, therefore, it will be necessary to ensure that they continue to comply with these regulations.

How? Informing us, for example, of what distance must be maintained between the material used to cover a pipe that emits heat and said pipe. What material is the most suitable or if we should place a ventilation window.

Ideas to cover them

Now that you know what questions to ask, let's get down to business. How can I cover those tubes that go through the living room wall or that run through the kitchen ceiling? Among our alternatives you will find proposals that are more or less simple and more or less economically accessible.


If the tubes pass through the wall we can hide them using gutters. If we use them to hide any type of cable, why not for a tube or pipe? You will find them in different sizes, with different types of joints and finishes. The trick to integrate them into the decoration will be create an interesting pattern on the wall with them (using them where there are no tubes if necessary to complete it) and paint them the same color as this one.

Baseboards and crown molding

When the tubes pass through the low or high part of the wall it is much easier to hide them since today there are numerous skirting boards and ceiling moldings on the market designed to accommodate them. Look at the images, isn't the result elegant? The skirting boards will be higher than the traditional ones but by painting these and the door frames in the same color as the wall you will achieve a sophisticated and modern result.

Baseboards and moldings

Installing a false ceiling or wall

If the pipes run through the ceiling, the solution is simple: install a false ceiling. The height of the room will be a few centimeters less, but it will win aesthetically and it won't be necessary for it neither a lot of work, nor a lot of budget. You will only need some plasterboard panels that could also be used to place those recessed spotlights that you have always wanted.

And you can do the same on the wall. Although depending on the size of the wall and the distribution of tubes in this it could be more interesting to combine other solutions before resorting to this one.

Using false beams

In order not to lower the entire ceiling, when the tubes all pass through the same place, using false beams is a great solution. Covering the tubes in this way could also add a lot of character to the room. Companies sell them already prepared, Made in different sizes and materials. You can choose between wood, which will bring a rustic and warm touch to your home, or synthetic materials with finishes that imitate stone or metal.

behind false beams

Creating a custom box

If you are a little handy, you can create a custom box to cover the tubes. You can also use different materials such as plaster or wood for it. Materials that you can easily paint and adapt to the aesthetics of your room once the box is built.

This is a great alternative, for example, when the tubes cross the room vertically, as in the bathroom in the image below. But also when they pass at ground level between two columns and you can take advantage of this space to build a practical element such as a custom bench or table. 

Custom boxes to cover tubes

with paint

with paint you will not be able to cover the tubes but you can hide them. It is the most economical option and the simplest so that these tubes stop attracting so much attention. You will have to choose, yes, a painting of the exact same color of the wall or ceiling so that it goes unnoticed. And not only that, a paint that is also suitable for the surface you want to paint: PVC, brass, copper, etc. and that it resists temperature changes if necessary.

Have you found these tips on how to cover the tubes useful?

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