How to decorate a children's room with wallpaper

Children's wallpapers of Little Star the brave

Decorating a children's room is an exercise in creativity and in this exercise the walls play a fundamental role. Paint them or decorate them with wallpaper? If that question is on your mind, perhaps our proposals for decorate a children's room with wallpaper help you decide.

Why choose? Giving color to the bedroom by wallpapering one wall and painting the rest of the walls in a neutral color according to the pattern printed on the paper is always a good choice for decorating children's spaces. Choose the paper and decide how to use it It will be the most complicated but let's go by parts, don't you think?

How do I use the wallpaper?

Generally use wallpaper on one wall only It is usually a smart decision. Especially when dealing with a wallpaper type mural. Due to the size of their motifs that cover the entire wall, placing them on all the walls could recharge the bedroom and alter that serene environment conducive to rest that we also want for the little ones.

Hovia wallpapers

Wallpapers Hovia

The same thing happens with those wallpapers with small repeated motifs of great visual power. Whether it is the reason why the motifs or the color attract attention, they should be dosed and used only on one wall, Usually the one in bed. Being able to do it both completely and in half walls as we show you in the following image.

Wallpaper on half walls
When we talk about wallpaper half walls we usually actually refer to two different possibilities: that of marking the limit exactly in the middle of the wall or also two thirds of it measuring from the ground. A shelf or a frieze can serve to separate the wallpapered area and the painted area and cover, incidentally, the not always perfect union between the two.

What type of wallpaper do I choose?

We speak today of types to refer to the patterns printed on the paper. You will be surprised by the number of possibilities that exist to decorate a children's room with wallpaper.

And as on those occasions where the possibilities are wide, choosing will be complicated. Even more so when the children are very young and still cannot tell us what they like. In those cases you will have to let yourself be guided by your intuition and take risks or bet on a small and discreet motif in soft tones with which it is easier to hit in the long term.


Geometric motifs are currently a trend. They are for painting both the walls of adult bedrooms and children's bedrooms, becoming a great ally in the latter. Can you imagine why? Because geometric motifs withstand the passage of time very well and can grow with the little ones without losing their validity. They are not children's reasons and as such they can serve the child in their different stages.

Hovia children's wallpapers
They are also a trend to decorate children's bedrooms mountain motifs. Why bother painting them on the wall if there are wallpapers with this printed motif? You will find them in a wide variety of colors which will provide you with great flexibility.

And although we have already talked about them, we cannot fail to mention again the mural wallpapers. When it comes to decorating a children's room with wallpaper, these are a modern bet with a great visual impact. They are, without a doubt, our favourites, despite the fact that they do not age as well as the previous ones.

The classics

Decorating the children's bedroom, however, is not a matter of trends. If these match your tastes, go ahead! But if you don't have a lot of classics that are constantly renewed and among which you can search for your winning wallpaper.

Who does not feel fascinated as a child by everything related to the animal world? The animal prints They are and will continue to be a great alternative to decorate the walls of the child's room. As are all those reasons that refer us to heaven and space. the cloaks of stars they always work, and all those papers that represent planets, ships, rockets and astronauts are also very popular.

Wallpapers Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde wallpapers

We do not forget about flowers, which bring color and joy to the children's bedroom. Currently, vintage-inspired flower motifs and large floral motifs, with leaves and XXL flowers, compete for popularity. What is your favorite?


We must not only choose a motif, but also where and how to place it. And to get it right it is necessary to know both the size of the paper and that of the motifs that are repeated so that they are according to the size of the wall what you want to wallpaper

In addition, as important as these aesthetic issues, will be the techniques. If you are looking for an all-terrain paper that resists small and dirty hands, choose a quality and washable paperThat way we won't have to worry you. It may be a bit more expensive, but it will be worth it.

Cover images - little star the brave

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