How to decorate the room to surprise your partner

decorate the room to surprise your partner

There are many reasons to want to surprise your partner: a birthday, an anniversary or a special date for both of you... But you don't need any specific one to decorate the room to surprise your partner and enjoy a pleasant evening.

In a little less than a month many of us will be celebrating Valentine's Day. If you usually do something special around those dates, why not decorate the room? One dinner and one special attention to decoration can make that night the most romantic. And no, we are not talking about red petals or red lights.

Ideas to decorate the room

When talking about Valentine's Day and a room decorated for that date, many of us come to mind those images with petals running down the hall to the bed. Forget them! Today we propose ideas to decorate the room to surprise your most subtle partner. Take note!

warm lights

Lighting is essential to achieve that warm and intimate atmosphere what you are probably looking for And you can achieve it by incorporating lamps into the room, garlands of lights or candles that provide indirect light and that allow you to do without the main light in the room.

warm lights

Don't go crazy! It is not about changing all the lamps in the room. If you have light fixtures next to the bed, you can place some paper on them that dims their light and makes it warmer. Or turn this off and put some garlands of lights in strategic places such as the headboard of the bed, the curtains or the chest of drawers in front of the bed. And the candles, you can't forget about the candles! They will make the atmosphere more charming and intimate.

A soft color palette

Try that all the elements that you introduce in the room are in harmony with it. Or put another way than respect the style and color palette that it has in such a way that they add decoratively speaking.

Does your partner like a certain color? Are you looking for a decoration that is more fun than romantic? Find a way to introduce small nuances of color that without being too bulky take on great prominence.


Incense, scented candles, flowers... They are great alternatives to print a special aroma to the bedroom. You will be able through the aroma to return to a special place for both of you and even to a specific moment. Do not underestimate this sense and play with it to create a friendly and recognizable environment.

There are many artisan candle shops that are inspired by cities, seasons of the year and even books and stories to create an entire olfactory experience. But you can also bet on something recognizable like a cologne or her favorite flowers to achieve it.

Candles, flowers and messages for a romantic night


Why not write a message to your partner? There is always something we want to tell the other, something we want them to know or something we don't want them to forget. Well, write it in a letter, on a card or on a set of post-its on the wall.

And if you are not good at words, you could look for other alternatives such as your own drawing or painting. Or find an object that represents something important to both of you and place it in a special place to decorate the room.

Other decorative elements

What other elements can you use to decorate the room and surprise your partner? If your intention is to surprise your partner on your anniversary or birthday, balloons are a good alternative. Don't fill the whole room with balloons! Place a few in a corner for a festive touch to the room, or tie them to the gift package you have prepared for him or her.

We have already talked about flowers. Regardless of whether or not they add aroma to the room, they are a way of introducing a fresh and colorful element. Place them in a beautiful vase on the table or dresser illuminated by a candle and they will shine.

decorate the room to surprise your partner

A canopy is an element that incorporated into the bed can help you create an intimate corner within the room itself. A soft, draping, semi-sheer fabric is ideal for create a makeshift canopy and feel in another world.

Have you shared many good moments with your partner? Why not use them, then, to decorate the room? Print some photos, those that remind you of the best moments and hang them on the wall.

A tray with food or drink

And if you add on the bed a tray with a few drinks? You can also bet on some sweet snacks: truffles, cakes... Or make a small snack dinner to enjoy in bed while you enjoy a movie. Don't you think it's a good idea)

There are many ideas that we have shared and that can inspire you to decorate the room to surprise your partner. But no one better than you to know what will work and what will not. Only you know your tastes and that of your partner and you can know what would make him more excited.

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