How to decorate the stairwell with plants

Decorate the stairwell with plants

Do you love plants and have you seen an opportunity to grow some in the stairwell? Giving a green and fresh touch to our homes is always an excellent alternative, which is why today we propose ideas to decorate the stairwell with plants. And we already told you that there are many ways to do it! If you don't need the stairwell to create a workspace or expand storage from your home, go ahead!

Shelves, heights and plants

Probably one of the simplest, most economical and comfortable ways to create a green corner in the stairwell is to opt for shelves or supports with different heights on which to place different pots with indoor plants.

Play with different heights, volumes, textures and shades of green to create interesting compositions. And if a plant doesn't work, take it to another corner and replace it with another. Even in the smallest spaces you can place a large collection of plants.

Large planters for a minimalist style

Do you prefer a minimalist style? Place three large flower pots under the stairs with three selected plants It is another way to decorate the stairwell with plants. One that you will require very little maintenance since both cleaning the floor and taking care of the plants will be easy.

Large flower pots

Does it seem very bland to you? If you like the idea of ​​having a few but selected plants but it doesn't completely convince you, perhaps the idea of incorporate a stone base to the set make you change your mind. The whole thing will be much more relaxing, of course.

Cactus as protagonists

We love cacti! So when we saw these ideas we couldn't resist showing them to you. And it is that The Cactus They can become a great ally to decorate this space with plants, with many plants, and save you maintenance since they are undemanding.

Cactus under the stairs

For cacti to develop correctly, you will need plenty of light and a substrate suitable for them. Its roots do not require great depth, so creating a 20 centimeter bed could be enough for this.

In the images the groups of cacti are generous, however, we believe that it is necessary to think about their maintenance and place them so that you have a relatively easy access to each of them. Leave space between them and always place smaller cacti in front and on the sides.

Do you have an upper entrance for natural light? Dare with a tree

If you have a beautiful staircase like the ones shown in the following image with a skylight or overhead light entry, bet on a tree! A bright house and a tree growing out of the stairwell is not something many can boast about. A tree under the stairs

Take into account the space to choose the tree you are going to plant. Not all trees need the same space for their roots, not all reach the same height, develop in the same width or need the same amount of light.

Also consider that the species you choose is clean, so that no flowers or fruits fall that damage or dirty your floors at all times. I'm sure you don't want to spend a month cleaning the floor every day.

Create a tropical forest

The idea of ​​creating a tropical forest under the stairs is very attractive to us, but we are aware that the conditions that the space must meet To do so they are very demanding. It will not only require a large amount of light but also a bed of a certain depth so that the plants do not fight for resources and a high degree of humidity.

A tropical forest under the stairs

It tienes doors to a patio or garden next to the flower bed It will be of great help. Thus, for much of the year you can keep them open during the day and that will contribute to the development of tropical plants positively.

Another thing you should think about if you decide to go for this idea is the mosquitoes and other insects that may be attracted to the humid conditions of this tropical forest. That is why we invite you to place it at the entrance or a passage area, so that they do not become annoying in relaxation areas such as the living room.

The art of bonsai

Do you have experience in the art of bonsai? Has it always caught your attention and would you like to get started? A bonsai can become the centerpiece to decorate the stairwell with plants. Make it the protagonist by combining it with other easy-care plants that grow low or creeping so that the whole is harmonious.

Bonsai under the stairs

Don't you know that as a beginner what plant to use for your bonsai? In Decoora Some time ago we proposed some from which you can choose yours. And not only will you be able to choose it, but you will also find some advice to take your first steps in this art that requires dedication but is so rewarding.

Do you like our ideas to decorate the stairwell with plants?

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