How to decorate your living room with the color orange

examples of orange living rooms

The orange color is one of the best to decorate a social space in the house such as the living room. It is a color that brings warmth as well as freshness and joy.

If you want to give the whole living room a different look and create a perfect place to have a good time with friends or family, don't miss out on the best tips for how to decorate your living room with a color like orange.

Decorate with orange

A living room with soft oranges

The truth is that choosing to decorate a space in our house with the color orange is a very good way to stamp our personality. The Orange it is vibrant and warm at the same time, is cheerful and adds a fresh touch to any room. Except that luckily It is a color that combines very well with many others.

As with green, orange has a wide spectrum of shades: there are oranges more reddish than others, there are very citrusy oranges and also very pale oranges. That is to say, a lot to choose from when it comes to evoking, through orange, different moods. In addition, you can shape such opposite styles as something contemporary or something very country. And both wearing orange.

Having said that, it must also be said that while there are many ways to use orange in interior design and decoration not the easiest color to decorate. So don't just go on an adventure and look for advice or inspiration in magazines or experienced designers.

Then, what to consider to decorate with orange? The key to success is know how much orange to use and when to use it because it can be very dominant.

strong orange wall

If you like to take risks or you are a confident person you can wear orange from wall to wall and thus create a bold and intense scheme that can work all year round. If you do not want to risk so much you can consider introducing a certain shade of orange in some piece of furniture, window frames, armchair fabrics or accessories.

It is important that you think carefully about the tone. The more vibrant shades of orange work well in kitchens, but ldarker tones such as orange on the terracotta side or the tone paprika they are best for studios and living rooms.

An orange wall in the living room energizes the space. If you paint the space closest to the entrance orange then you can create an aura of warm welcome for visitors. In fact, the halls and entry spaces can be simple and colorful. After the hall, one enters directly into the intimate space of a home, so make sure that what you place there goes hand in hand with your personality.

very warm orange living room

Another shade of orange that is good for painting the living room is orange with a lot of red as it evokes intimacy and more environment Cozy, as they say in English. And it is best to pair it with many natural materials such as wood or linen.

You can also use different tones, in harmony and following the same branch. You can play with the depths so that the room is not flat. Thus, you can use two shades of orange, one on the wall and the other, for example, on a carpet. If we talk about furniture or decoration elements you can choose velvet, chenille or reddish wood for the side tables, For example.

living room with different shades of orange

Many wonder if orange goes well with pink. You are right! We see it in fashion and we can transfer it to the living room. While orange can be a dominant and powerful color if used alone, when combined with a softer color it changes dramatically. For example, combine orange with pastel pink. Both colors are playful and beautiful and not only look great in the living room but also in the dining room and even in the kitchen. something retro? It may be, but it still remains contemporary.

When paint the living room walls You should keep in mind if the room is large and with lots of light. Painting all the walls orange can be somewhat burdensome, so it is advisable to paint a wall in a tone that combines perfectly with the rest of the dining room. Another excellent option is to combine white with orange as this will achieve a perfect balance throughout the room.

gray and orange living room

Other possible color to combine with orange is gray. Dark rooms are very elegant, but you can be a little rivery and distant at the same time, so the best way to "warm up" is to wear something orange. If the walls are gray, an orange velvet upholstered chair, a soft sofa, are excellent options. Are there more colors that go with orange? Yes: if you use an orange acid yellow, it matches the navy blue, if you use a more mustard tone it looks good with ocean greenoh black

Black? Yes, complements orange very well because it highlights it by contrast. However, you have to be extremely careful lest your living room look stagnant on Halloween... Finally, orange is also complements earth tones very well since it is the color of autumn. So it goes very well with greens, browns and neutral tones.

Autumn colors

As we said, The orange color looks quite good with dark wood furniture such as oak, although it also combines perfectly with slightly lighter wood furniture. As for the floors, the best option is terracotta and parquet.

The sofa is undoubtedly the star piece of furniture in any living room, so you can choose to use the color orange to decorate said sofa. If you decide on this color, it is important that the living room is quite spacious and that the rest of the room has a series of colors that combine perfectly with orange. If it seems too risky, you can use orange cushions that go well with the color of the sofa.

Orange is an increasingly used color in the living rooms of the house since brings elegance as well as warmth and tranquility. Nowadays it is seen a lot in decoration magazines or on Pinterest, for example, but we usually see photos of modern houses or apartments. It's not always like that, it must be said that orange looks great in country houses or beach houses.

Yes, decorating the living room with orange color is a risky bet. There are no doubts, but if you do it right it is perfect so in the end it comes down to how adventurous or adventurous you want to be inside your house.

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