How to fix a sagging sofa

sunken sofa

Is your sofa sagging? Over time, all sofas end up sinking, either because their useful life has expired or because they have not been treated very well. The usual thing is to replace the deteriorated sofa with another, but not the only one. Discover how to fix a sunken sofa and enjoy it again!

A sunken sofa not only brings a left aspect to the living room but it is also uncomfortable. Not only is it difficult to adopt good posture in them, but they can also make it difficult, especially for older people, to sit down or get up comfortably. Do you want to bring it back to life? Identify the problem and discover all the tricks to solve it.

Why is it sunken?

The lifespan of a sofa of quality is estimated at 15 years. A figure that can vary depending on the use we give it. The sofa does not suffer the same if we use it to sit correctly than if we jump on it. And it is also no stranger to the number of people it supports, specifically its weight.

sunken sofa

in a family room it is inevitable that sofas suffer and end up sinking over time. That is when you will have to think about whether it is worth fixing or not. The answer will depend not only on the original comfort of it but also on the reason why it has sunk.

Is it the structure that is damaged? Is it the springs? Or does it have to do with the foam in the seats no longer recovering its original shape? They are three elements that can cause your sofa to be sunken:

  • Shower seats. Over time, it is common for part of the seat foam to sink and not be able to recover its original shape. Remove the cushions from the sofa and check them one by one. Isn't the problem there?
  • Frame: Another of the main reasons why sofas sink is due to damage to the base of its frame, which is nothing more than the skeleton of this piece of furniture. This is usually made of wood, particle board, chipboard... and can break. You can check its status by turning the sofa.
  • Suspensions. Springs and tapes are the most used suspensions in sofas. They are placed between the frame of the sofa and the seats and serve to provide comfort to the seat since they not only favor the rapid recovery of its shape, but also allow air recirculation. If any of them have broken or worn, it is likely that you will notice your sunken sofa in that part.

How to fix a sagging sofa

Do you want to fix your sofa? Beyond the image problem it generates, a sunken sofa is not comfortable. In the long run it could cause damage to your spine or neck, especially if you spend a few hours a day sitting on it. That is why it is necessary identify the problem, assess it and replace the damaged item. If it's the frame, fixing it could be expensive, but for suspension or seating problems, solutions are affordable.

Change the straps or springs

Does your sofa have ribbons? Check if they are loose, loose or broken. If so, you could replace them so that your sofa regains its original firmness and stability. To do this, you must first take note of the characteristics of these straps (length, thickness...) and it will be somewhat tedious to do so since you will have to reach the structure of the sofa, in most cases releasing the fabric that separates the straps from the back of the sofa. the seats.

sofa frame

And the same will happen if your sofa has springs, since you will have to access these and  Replace the damaged ones with the same ones. You can find them in upholstery, hardware and DIY stores, just like the tapes, although it will be somewhat easier.

Once the problem is solved, you will have to redo upholstery work. That is, place a protective cloth again and staple it so that it is taut and smooth as before. It is not an area that is visible, so it will not be complicated.

Replace the foam in the seats

If the problem that your sofa is sunken is the foam of the seats, it will be easier to fix it. All you will have to do to fix the sagging sofa will be buy new foam to replace the old one. This process will be even easier if the cushions have removable covers.

sofa foams

The recommended foam densities for sofas are those around 30 kg/m³. However, if the one you had was comfortable for you, the ideal is to go with it to buy the new one so that they can offer you a similar one. The foam, in any case, must be the same size and thickness as the previous one so that you can reuse the covers.

Fixing a sagging sofa won't always be easy. It will depend on what the original problem is, the ease with which you find the spare parts and of course, your own skills. If you like the sofa, it is comfortable for you and fixing it is worth it financially, why not try it? Buying a sofa may seem simpler but it will also require your time. It is not always easy to find what we want!

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