How to have a gym in a small room

Gym in small room

Do you have a free room at home and want to use it to create a gym? Even if the room is small, you can create one that allows you to do your exercise routines without leaving home. Imagine, what comfort. If you want to know how have a gym in a small room Stay tuned for our tips today.

Prioritize and properly distribute the space are keys to being able to enjoy a functional gym in a small room. Choose those machines that you are really going to use and create wall storage so as not to clutter the floor space.


What do you need to create an exercise routine at home? If exercising is among your plans but you have not yet adopted an exercise routine start with the basics: a mat, a couple of weights, some elastic bands and a mirror to correct postures. Do not launch to invest in devices that you do not know if you will take advantage of.

Things you need in the gym

Do you already have a machine at home or an exercise routine? Please note that in a small room you can not place more than two machines, three at most, if you want to have space on the floor to do some exercises. Think carefully about which ones you get the most out of and prioritize!

Make a list with everything you need to complete your gym and keep it close at hand because it will be essential to make decisions regarding the distribution and the necessary storage space.

Distribute the space well

There are tricks that can help you make the room look bigger and also more tidy, something key when space is small. Below we share some of the ones that would be more interesting to implement, always, of course, that space allows:

Gym Layout Tips

  1. Do you have a big window with a view in the room? If you are not going to place any screen in the room, you may be interested in placing the machines in front of them to keep you more entertained. If you prefer them to face a wall, place them parallel to the window, never with their backs!
  2. If you are going to place more than one machine, do it in parallel. The space will look much more organized, as you can see in the image above. Also, if there are only two you will not have to leave space between one; it will suffice that you have access to each machine from one side.
  3. Try gather on the same wall all those elements that need to be fixed to it such as wall bars, pull-up bars or storage solutions. Filling all the walls with things could overload the room.
  4. Are you going to put up a mirror? The cleaner the wall that is going to be reflected in it, the more spaciousness you will achieve.
  5. Do you use a punching bag in your routine? Put the sack in a corner but to lose as little space as possible, but enough space from the walls to be able to move between the bag and these.

Now that you know the most important tricks, it's time to have fun. Take paper and pen, draw the room to scale and try different layouts. Or better, wait for the next step to do it having all the data. Having a gym in a small room is possible but it requires planning.

Fibuja the planes and play with different distributions

Incorporate storage space

have everything in order it will be essential so that the room does not seem overloaded. For this you will need different storage solutions or a single but very versatile one that allows you to organize all the accessories. And that, at the same time, it does not make you lose useful space in an already small room.

An visually light wall solution It is the ideal in this type of rooms. Some perforated panels or some rails with different storage solutions will allow you to store all the accessories on the same wall. And fixed to the wall, they will free up floor space that you can use to place a bench or your mat.

wall storage

Beware of open solutions! They are economical, they are practical and they fulfill perfectly with the demands of a small space, but you have to keep them tidy if you don't want the whole room to look messy. In addition, we must try not to fill them, to create a more relaxed and orderly vision of them.

Protect the soil

You can place the machines directly on a wooden floor but it may be interesting to use a subfloor to protect it. Some materials, those used in gyms, for example, not only help cushion shock but also offer a better grip.

There are those who bet on rubber or cork tiles to cover certain areas, but also those who moon carpet. Each material is better suited to certain needs and activities to be carried out. But speaking in general, the ideal material would be one that is easy to install, supports the weight of the machines, absorbs shocks when the weights are dropped on the floor and does not absorb moisture or if it does so, it is easy to clean.

Did you like our tips for having a gym in a small room?

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