How to illuminate small spaces

illuminate small spaces

If your house is not too big and you have small spaces, lighting is key to making the house look much older. As with the chosen decoration, correct lighting will help you create larger and brighter spaces throughout the house. Do not lose detail of these tips and ideas to illuminate the small spaces of your home.

Never forget that poor lighting (too little or poorly distributed) can make a room seem even smaller and gloomier. It is not desirable, of course. If the space in our living room or bedroom is limited and we are looking for new ways to improve its appearance, one of the most effective solutions is to improve the lighting.

Before starting to decorate the house, it is essential to know how much light it receives from the outside. From here we will have to choose the colors and the furniture, the combinations that contribute to enhance the light and, of course, that at the same time they make us feel good. After all, that must always be the ultimate goal of any type of decoration.

The smaller the space available, the greater the challenge. But everything can change with some brilliant ideas. Before illuminating a room, we must find internal lighting (in our head). Once this is done, it is only a matter of finding the most appropriate solution in each case. The ultimate goal should be to bring a new light into our homes using creative ideas. We are going to put our grain of sand from our blog.

Get more natural light


As is well known, natural light is always preferable to artificial. So, if there is even the slightest possibility of bringing it into our homes, do not hesitate to do so.

It is not always possible to achieve this, but in many houses and rooms there is the option of enlarge the windows and thus get the greatest amount of natural light from the outside. More natural light will automatically translate into a feeling of more space. In some rooms you can choose to replace the wall where the window is with a glass wall or an enclosure. It is expensive, but the result is spectacular.

In those rooms (we all have one at home) that are especially dark, enclosed between four walls or well located in shady areas, builders often use practical ideas such as domes and skylights (both fixed and movable). We can see them in bathrooms that require natural light but where it is not convenient to install windows that reduce privacy. They are also common in attics and similar rooms. Even in normal living rooms they are an optimal solution, as in the example in the image above, with triple skylights.

The same happens with the basements, always devoid of windows, but which can be endowed with a minimum amount of natural light using low openings (located near the ceiling and leaning out) and skylights. Obviously, making these modifications will depend on the shape and structure of each house, as well as its location.

colors that illuminate

white room

In the event that our budget is not too large, the most practical and effective option is bet on the right colors for home decoration. In this category we must include the color of the walls, floors and ceilings, also that of the curtains and furniture, as well as the rest of the decorative elements of the house. Everything influences.

This is the solution that requires more Imagination and creativity, but it does not have to be too complicated to achieve positive results if we follow some guidelines such as the ones mentioned below:

  • I bet you neutral and light tones, which always contribute to transmitting that feeling of spaciousness that we are looking for: white walls, light floors, etc.
  • Choose translucent curtains and fine fabrics that allow the passage of outside light through the window.
  • Avoid furniture that is too dark and bulky. No dark wood cabinets, excessively large drawers, etc.
  • Turn to the mirrors, but without abusing. Sometimes it is enough to cover a column in the room or a fragment of a wall, playing with its reflections. Crystals and shiny surfaces will also contribute to this effect.
  • Do not overload the room with too much furniture and objects. In this search for a feeling of greater space, the Minimalism He is one of your great allies. A piece of advice: follow the rules that govern the Nordic style. It is perfect for these cases.

artificial lighting systems

light shelves

Although the decoration can help a lot, it will not do us any good if we do not combine it intelligently with a type of artificial lighting that suits the decoration of the house. Here, too, it's about being smart: you don't have to put a powerful spotlight on the ceiling, just use the most appropriate resources to illuminate small spaces. Here are some ideas that can help us:

lights behind furniture

An idea that is also known as "floating furniture". Basically, it consists of slightly separating some furniture from the wall and placing small lamps or light points in this space. That indirect lighting is elegant, but it also helps to increase the feeling of space. This works very well, for example, behind the paintings or on the shelves of the shelves (as seen in the image above).

sconces on the walls

Replace floor or table lamps with Wall sconces it will help us save space while adding those perfect highlights exactly where we need them: to brighten a dark corner, frame a beautiful piece of art, etc.

Smart distribution

Many times, many lamps or light points are not needed. It is enough that they are few, but well distributed. Some examples: you can choose to place a central lamp on the ceiling in the living room and then some focal points in other areas of the house that help to achieve that perfect lighting for the rest of the home. Another good option when lighting a certain space is to use the occasional floor or table lamp.


Do you have a small and dark bedroom or living room and don't know how to make it bright? The recipe is simple: fill it with light Play with the colors of the decoration, look for imaginative solutions and be inspired by those who know the most. We hope that the resources that we have reviewed in this article can help you in this pleasant task and that you will be able to get the most out of the rooms in your home.

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