How to keep pillows in perfect condition

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Keeping a textile in perfect condition depends on two very clear things: wash it regularly and avoid staining it. In the case of having children and animals, the fact of not staining is quite complicated and really difficult. In the case of bed pillows, it is normal for them to get dirty, especially from the sweat that we generate at bedtime or from the saliva that comes out of the mouth. Experts advise in any case to cover the pillows with good covers that are breathable and easy to wash.

In this way it is possible to protect the entire surface of the pillows from dust and dirt that can be generated while we sleep. Apart from that, We give you a series of tips or guidelines to follow that will allow you to have the pillows in perfect condition.

ventilate the pillows

A fundamental part in the hygiene of the pillows is to air them every day. The humidity of the room together with the high temperatures cause a large number of bacteria to proliferate in them. Therefore, do not hesitate to air the pillows for a few minutes to ensure that they remain perfectly clean for as long as possible.

Shake the pillows

Apart from airing the pillows, it doesn't hurt to fluff them up or fluff them up. It is important to shake them after getting out of bed in order to keep them perfectly fluffy. Apart from this, shaking them also removes any dust or dirt that may have accumulated overnight. If what you want is to prolong the useful life of the pillows to the maximum, do not hesitate to put some good protective covers to prevent the aforementioned from reaching the pillows.


wash the pillows

Pillows are one of those textiles that are hardly washed. In this way the dirt accumulates causing them to age before their time. In the case of having protective covers, the ideal is to wash them once a month, while in the case of pillows, the ideal is to do it a couple of times a year. When washing them, you have to take into account the type of pillow it is, since some cannot be washed and depending on the material, you have to wash them in one way or another. To avoid problems, it is best to look carefully at the manufacturer's instructions and wash them as indicated.

The vast majority of pillows should be machine washed, spin a few times and finally let them dry in the open air and horizontally, although you can also dry them in dryers. If the pillow is made of a material as common as viscoelastic or latex, it is not advisable to put them in the washing machine. It is better to wash this class of materials by hand, rinse and remove the accumulated water on the pillows with the help of a towel.

Overnight sweat often causes yellow stains on the surface of pillows. When it comes to removing such stains, it is best to whiten them. To do this you must wash them in the washing machine and use a bleaching product. Finally let them dry completely in the sun. In the market you can find wonderful bleaches that help you to have your pillows in perfect condition. In any case, and as we have mentioned above, the best way to avoid these sweat stains is to cover the pillows with good protective covers. Ideally, these covers are 100% cotton and can breathe perfectly.


dry the pillows

Another important aspect when it comes to ensuring that a pillow is perfectly clean is to ensure that it dries properly. If it does not dry well, it is possible that some mold will form on it. You can choose to use a dryer or hang them outside if the weather allows it. What really matters is to make sure that there is no moisture left inside the pillow.

In short, it is important to wash the pillows and protective covers from time to time, otherwise dirt and dust accumulate. Remember that in the case of protective covers, the ideal is to wash them a couple of times a month, while in the case of pillows it is preferable to wash them about three times a year. Stains caused by sweat or by the saliva that comes out of the mouth when sleeping, make it important to wash them properly. Don't forget to ventilate them and shake them daily to prevent the proliferation of certain bacteria or mites. It is important to take care of textiles as important as the bed pillows.

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