How to keep the house cool without the use of air conditioning


Summer has arrived ahead of time and as weather experts say, current temperatures are unusual for the time of year in which we find ourselves. There are many Spanish towns that these days have reached 40 degrees, despite being full in the month of May. To quell that heat, air conditioning has become the best ally of many families.

In the event that you do not have this device or do not want to use it to avoid respiratory problems, there are a series of habits that can help you lower the temperature a few degrees and cope with the heat.

Ventilate the house first thing in the day

A way to keep the house cool throughout the day, It consists of ventilating the different rooms first thing in the morning. The air from outside helps to renew the air inside and makes the temperature drop a couple of degrees.

Lower the blinds

In the hottest hours it is important to lower the blinds at home. This prevents sunlight from entering from outside and tries to make the temperature inside the house too high. By the time the outside heat has subsided, you can raise the blinds to refresh the whole environment.


LED type bulbs

Although many people do not know such information, LED-type light bulbs radiate less heat than conventional light bulbs. Apart from that, this type of bulbs use much less light than those of a lifetime, so they are perfect to have at home. Despite this, it is advisable to have the light on for as little time as possible, since they increase the heat inside the house.

Light and fresh fabrics

The fabrics used in the home will have a direct influence on the temperature of the house. Fabrics such as velvet should be avoided as they give off a lot of heat. If your sofa is made of leather, it is important that you cover it with some light fabric. Leather is one of those materials that radiates a lot of heat and is not recommended in the summer months. If you have rugs, it is advisable to store them until the cold months begin.

For the hot months, the ideal is to opt for light and fresh fabrics that help maintain a light temperature inside the home. The recommended fabrics to combat the heat are linen and cotton.


Put plants around the house

Putting plants throughout the different rooms can help beat the heat. Large-leaved plants help make the home environment cooler and allow to reduce the temperature of the home. As for irrigation, it is better to do it at the end of the day since the moistened soil helps to refresh the environment.

Sun protection films on the windows

In recent years it has become fashionable to place solar protection sheets on the windows of the house. These sheets are placed on the inside of the windows and help lower the temperature inside the house by a few degrees. Solar protection sheets allow light from outside to enter but they filter ultraviolet rays and stop heat from entering the home.


The importance of awnings

If you are lucky enough to have awnings in the house, It is good that you lower them, especially during the hottest hours of the day. Awnings can help lower the temperature inside the house by five degrees or so. It is therefore a magnificent investment when it comes to combating high temperatures.

Put ceiling fans

It is true that air conditioning has become a key and essential device in any house today. However, excessive use of it can cause health problems. As an alternative you can put a ceiling fan in the house. This type of fan helps move air throughout the room and lower the temperature by a couple of degrees.


Mop the floor first thing in the morning

Another tip that will allow you to have a fresh environment inside the house is to scrub the floor early in the morning. With a little cold water you will get a feeling of freshness in the home.

In short, these are some really effective tips that can help you cool down the house on these hot days. As you can see, it is not necessary to go to the air conditioning to cool the house, since it is possible keep the interior of the house at a temperature that is not too high.

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