How to make a standing coat rack in a simple way

The standing coat racks are very practical in halls and bedrooms. And very attractive, since they become another decorative element of the room. They combine functionality and aesthetics. And you don't need a big investment to have one; What's more, you can make a standing coat rack with which to decorate your home yourself!

How practical it would be to have a coat rack on which hang coats and bag when you come home, right? And if we tell you that you can build one yourself with simple materials and tools? And not just one but up to three different thanks to the keys that we share with you today.

Three designs you can copy

Why settle for an idea? In Decoora we have found by browsing the catalogs of popular furniture stores up to three designs that you can reproduce at home in a simple way and with a minimum investment in both materials and tools.

Standing coat racks

Standing coat racks from Ikea, Sklum and Drugeot

It has been very difficult for us to name them and we are aware that we have not chosen the best names, but that is not the important thing. The important thing is to share the keys so that you know how to make a coat rack standing like the ones in the image above

Do you already have your favourite? Keep in mind that the coat rack is an element that fulfills both a practical and an aesthetic function. Try to keep both balanced. Bet on a design that is adjust to your needs, to the number of garments that you want to hang on it, that you like and not least that you can do.


The simplest design undoubtedly! For the one that you will need the least materials but with which you will possibly stumble the most if you do not have a large space to place it. As you can see, it is the one that requires the most sleep surface since it sits on three legs. If that's not a problem, go ahead!

crossed coat racks

To do it you only need three or four sticks of the same measure, a piece of leather cord and scissors. The sticks must have a height of between 170 and 200 centimeters and a diameter of between 2,5 and 3,5 centimeters.

You will also have to have close other two hands. You will find it very difficult to do this job alone even if it is a simple and quick job. And it is that while one holds the sticks, crossing them 30 or 40 centimeters from the top, another will have to tie them with the leather cord until they are secure. Don't you think they are safe? You can always fasten them with long screws and then cover these with the cord.


The most popular! You can find this type of coat rack in any furniture store. Nordic inspired, consists of a central foot from which different branches start at different heights. It's easy to understand the name given its shape, right?

To make a standing coat rack like this you will need a pass that can be from an umbrella base to one made with cement for this project. Don't you have one? Don't worry, you can create three legs and forget about the base. Plus, of course, a cylindrical central foot and other shorter and thinner sticks to create the branches. As for materials and tools, here a drill will be essential to create the holes to insert the branches or screw them with a bit.

The ideal in this type of coat racks is create a color contrast on the bottom. Or, what is the same, paint the base and the lower part of the foot with a color that can be white, a pastel or a neon shade if you want a more daring result.

inverted umbrella

Here you will need a base and it is that in this type of coat rack the sticks are supported thanks to this to open later as if it were an inverted umbrella. It's a simple idea that you can play around with sticks of different heights to achieve a more dynamic and practical design.

You can build the base with cement using a bucket to create the mold. Pour the cement into the bucket that serves as a mold and while it is still wet place the sticks in the position you want. I do not recommend holding them until they are dry so use masking tape glued to the cube to make them hold themselves. When you see that the cement is dry, remove the bucket and you will have your coat rack ready to fulfill its mission.

The main material

These standing coat racks are usually made of wood but you can recycle other materials to save some money. Some firm broomsticks and properly painted they can perform the same function and will cost you less. And some fallen and sanded branches as the center foot of the tree model could also work.


Also, as we have already mentioned, you will have things at home that you can use as a base. An old parasol base, for example. Or an old stool. Yes, you can use it as a base in the last proposal. Be creative!

Will you dare to make a standing coat rack like these to decorate your home? Do not hesitate to show us the result, we will love to see it!

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