How to make a windbreak for terraces

windbreak for terraces

During this last month we have given you different tips to transform your terrace. And this is the best time to analyze how we can get more out of this outer space. Have you not been able to take advantage of it all you wanted because of the wind? If so make a windbreak for terraces it could be useful to you.

There are countless windbreaks on the market designed to protect outdoor spaces. A windbreaker will not only make these spaces more pleasant during windy days in summer, but it will also allow you to extend its use beyond the summer.

Having an outdoor space in which to go out to sunbathe and relax is a luck that not everyone enjoys. We check how necessary they are violently during confinement. So having one and not taking advantage of it is something that you should not let happen. And for it decorate it in a cozy way and protecting it from the sun and rain are key.


Required Permission

Before showing you different ways to build a windbreak for terraces and before you take the list of materials and go to work, it is necessary to clarify that it will not always be possible to put one on the terrace. To perform a modification of the exterior configuration of the building, that produces an alteration of its aesthetics, you will need to request an administrative authorization and have the consent of the Board of Owners.

What happens if you do the work without these permissions? That you run the risk of having to pay important administrative sanctions in addition to being forced to reverse the work to return the facade to its original state, covering the expenses.


To avoid these problems first go to the Town Hall to request an administrative authorization and later, request the permission of your community. If the enclosure works are already listed as a possibility in the community statutes, check first if there are technical specifications about the enclosure. Once the possibilities have been consulted, head your community administrator so that the project can be approved by the Board of Owners.

Advantages of placing a windbreak on the terrace

It seems obvious that protecting the terrace from the wind is the main objective for placing a windbreak in this outdoor space. However, this is not the only advantage of betting on this element. Depending on the material used and its design, the terrace can be benefited in different ways.

  • You can build a more intimate space, especially if you install smoked glass or opaque elements.
  • You will improve the insulation. The water tends to hit the terrace on the same side of the wind. You can with a windbreaker, therefore, prevent water from reaching the home, humidity and leaks.
  • You could also reduce noise if you bet on a glass screen or similar.

Types of windbreaks for terraces

How handy are you? It will depend on your skill to be able to work with one or other materials. Also the site you have to make the windbreaker for the terrace and of course the tools you have. There are very cheap commercial solutions, so see if it pays to bet on one of the solutions that we propose here.

Green Windbreaker

Is it not possible to incorporate a fixed structure to the terrace? Plants then become the best ally to build a windbreak. Create tall pots attached to the wall of your balcony that do not exceed these in height and plant in these tall and bushy plants.

Green windbreaker

Wood or composite windbreaker

With some wooden slats it is easy to build a windbreaker. All you have to do is create a frame that you can then screw to the floor and ceiling and fix slats in parallel on this, horizontally or vertically, as you prefer.

Wood or composite panels

The less distance you leave between the slats, the more they will protect the terrace from the wind. If you wish that in the future climb up this structure some plantHowever, it will be necessary that you not only place the lists horizontally, but also do so with a certain distance between them.

Do you want a windbreaker that does not require a lot of maintenance? If you live in a humid place or with a lot of rainfall, avoid wood and bet on boards or composite lattices. You will only have to clean it from time to time to keep it in perfect condition for years.

Fabric windbreaker

Don't want a fixed structure? Do you want to be able to remove and put the windbreaker? If you don't want to give up the sun at certain hours in the afternoon, or you don't want to miss certain views from your terrace, a tilting fabric windbreaker is, without a doubt, the best option. Choose to make it one resistant fabric appropriate such use and uses two rods to hold it at its upper and lower end to allow tensioning. Then place a wall and floor fixings in which to anchor these rods.

Fabric windbreaker

You can also make windbreaks for terraces using methacrylate sheets on a wooden frame, creating a wall with panels that will not obstruct the views but will protect you from the wind. Of course, you will need more tools, more space, and more knowledge for it.

Do you need a windbreaker on your terrace? Will you opt for a commercial alternative or a personalized one?

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