How to make cushions to dress the headboard of the bed

Cushions to dress the bed

The cushions are a simple and cheap accessory with which you can transform your bedroom. Placed on the bed, they can help you give color to the room and create contrasts, as well as dress your bed. Discover how to make cushions and give your bedroom decoration a spin.

Do you handle the sewing machine? Do you know how to give basic stitches by hand? You don't need more to create your own cushion covers. With our step by step you will have no problems create pillows and cushions with which to dress the head board of the bed. But before…

How many cushions do I put and what size?

How many cushions are you willing to remove each night? In a double bed you can put up to 7 cushions. but do you want to do it? In these seven, of course, we include the cushions, which, as you will have time to look at the images, are the largest and those that precede the headboard.

Order of the cushions on the bed

Do you have a pillow? Then the most convenient thing will be to create two cushions that mark the exit point. Then place two quadrants that contrast in color with the cushions. Do you want to put more cushions? Bet now on one or two smaller and elongated cushions.

What fabrics do I choose?

In a matter of fabrics there is nothing written, everything will depend on your tastes. However, we recommend you bet to make the covers for a skin-friendly fabric, resistant to wear and tear and that you can put in the washing machine. Cotton and cotton linen are some of the most popular for this.

Plain and patterned bed cushions

Choose a fabric in a solid and soft color for the larger cushions. Why? Because they will lighten the background, they will not detract from the headboard or condition you when choosing the color of the rest of the cushions.

Afterwards and depending on how many cushions you have decided to put, you can choose for the little ones printed fabrics that add dynamism to the ensemble. Are you afraid of being wrong? Look for a print that contains the color of the plain cushions and you will be right!

How do I make the cushions?

If you know operate a sewing machine Making cushions in the way we show you today is very easy. But it is not necessary to know how to operate a sewing machine, or even to have one. You can make them by hand with very few but essential materials such as:

  • fabric of your choice
  • matching yarn
  • cushion filling
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

You have everything you need? Then you can start prepare the cushion cover, a cover from which you can comfortably remove the filling thanks to the flaps. Follow the step by step that we detail below and don't be in a hurry! Measuring well and cutting the necessary fabric for the cushion is very important; don't feel like you're wasting your time if you delay at this point.

cushion measures

Cut the piece of cloth

What measurements do you want the cushion to have? Imagine as in the image that you want a cushion of 50 x 45 centimeters. At 50 centimeters of lake you will have to add on either side 25 centimeters (50/2) + 12 centimeters that will serve for the overlap. Also, as indicated in the drawing, you should add two centimeters around the entire perimeter to sew a hem so that the fabric does not fray. You got it? In total in this case you will need to cut a piece of fabric of 128×49 centimeters.

We recommend that on the wrong side of the fabric mark all the lines that appear in the drawing with a sewing chalk. This will make it much easier to work on later and harder to make mistakes if you're sewing a cushion cover for the first time.

Cut, score and sew

Work on the side hems

Fold in the sides of the fabric to the XNUMX-centimeter line, and then fold it over again. Pin the hem, baste and machine sew with a straight stitch or by hand making a backstitch or backstitch.

sew the cover

Then, place the fabric on a table with the right up. Fold along the right line that separates the lilac color from the green, so that now the wrong side of the fabric covers part of the right side of the fabric that you saw before. Now, repeat with the left part that will slightly overlap the right that you folded before. You got it?

Pay attention to the two-centimeter line that you marked above and below, it will be the one for which you will have to sew the cover. Fix with some pins so that it does not move and sew first at the top and then at the bottom or vice versa. And if you use the machine to avoid fraying, sew up to the two-centimeter seam with a zig zag stitch.

Turn the cover and fill

To finish, turn the cover by pushing the corners to put it on the right side and insert the filling. Now you know how to make cushions to dress the headboard of the bed. Has it been so hard?


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