How to put three round mirrors on the wall and why

three round mirrors

Don't know how to decorate your walls? Do it with round mirrors. Not on all walls, of course, or in any way, but bet on this element to contribute character to your bare walls. And do it as trends dictate in groups of three. Don't know how to do it? Learn today at Decoora different ways to place three round mirrors on the wall!

There are numerous practical reasons, in addition to the merely aesthetic ones, for wanting to incorporate mirrors to decoration Mirrors reflect light, visually enlarge spaces and help us highlight certain pieces. in groups of threeIn addition, they gain in dynamism. But why three? Let's go step by step.

Advantages of placing mirrors on the wall

There are both aesthetic and practical reasons for wanting to incorporate mirrors on the wall, and sometimes a fuzzy line separates one from the other. We have already mentioned some of them, but do you want to know all the reasons Why do we encourage you to place mirrors on the wall?

round mirror

  • Placed in strategic places the mirrors contribute to winning feeling of depth, visually expanding the spaces.
  • reflect light which contributes to creating brighter spaces and as a consequence generally more attractive and visually larger.
  • They also allow you to reflect and contemplate the same object from different angles, which will allow you to highlight certain pieces of furniture and objects.
  • In rooms such as the hall, the bathroom or the bedroom where we dress or make up, they are not only practical but necessary.

Why choose round mirrors

Until now we have talked about the reasons for placing a mirror, regardless of its shape. But why round mirrors? It is not that in Decoora We live obsessed by these types of mirrors, but if we believe them more versatile and friendly What others.

round mirrors they adapt to any room whatever its style. It is difficult to go wrong with them when you opt, as we will see later, for one with a discreet frame among the wide variety of designs available. In the world of mirrors we can consider them a wild card.

and why three

Why a group of three mirrors? The groups of mirrors are a trend currently to decorate interior spaces. And the number three is a number that always works very well in decoration; in fact, objects tend to be grouped three by three in decoration editorials, mind you!

three is a number brings dynamism to the whole without overloading the space too much. A dynamism that contributes to the fact that the mirrors keep the same line in terms of their design, but that they are of different sizes, as in the following image.

round, different sizes

How to put them on the wall

You can place groups of three round mirrors on a dresser, console table or other piece of furniture. In these cases, the set to be created will generally be horizontal, with the largest mirror being the one we will take as reference, placing the other smaller mirrors on one side, always out of square, and always moving one of them up or down from the main one.

Horizontal and vertical set

In the same way, you can create with the three round mirrors a upright set, ideal for decorating short walls in transit areas, alone or in the company of small pieces of furniture or raised planters that they will surround. The idea is similar to that of the horizontal set; We will place the largest mirror on top and in descending order we will place the rest, moving the second one to the right or left.

The images make everything much clearer, right? Now that you know how to place them, all you have to do is choose the mirrors. Keep in mind that the frame will determine its style and the space you need to put them comfortably. In general, choose frames…

  • Made with vegetable fibers such as bamboo, raffia or rattan if you want to give your home a relaxed and bohemian style or make it a warmer and more welcoming place. These usually have the most original frames, choose three different ones and give each one their space so that they can shine.
  • In wood to bring elegance and warmth to the space and with designs that surround the mirror to give them a greater role.
  • whites on wood for a fresh and modern style.
  • black and metallic to bring elegance and sophistication to the wall.
  • Gold, a classic that never fails and that brings shine to the whole.
  • Frameless or with very discreet frames for spaces with a minimalist character.

Although decorating the walls with groups of three round mirrors placed in this way may seem like a very limited bet, none of that! Both the size and arrangement of the mirrors and the type of frame they will give you a lot of play and they will allow you to play with very different aesthetics to decorate your walls.

Do you like the idea of ​​decorating your walls in this way with round mirrors?

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