How to put the cushions on the bed

Ideas to put the cushions on the bed

I love beds full of cushions, although I have to admit that I don't have more than three in my bed. Do you also like them but you are stopped by not knowing how to place them? From today you will have no excuses. In Decora we show you how to put the cushions on the bed for them to shine

The cushion is a simple and cheap accessory with which to give life to the bed and not only to the bed. If your bedding is bland or your bedroom lacks color, some cushions can go a long way. And with our tips today it will be much easier for you to choose them.

How many cushions do I put on the bed?

It is not necessary to place a thousand cushions on the bed to make it interesting. It is important to make our spaces pleasant, but just as important as having an aesthetic sense is having a practicality that adapts the decoration to our lifestyle. What do we mean by this? That if you are willing to remove and put all the six cushions on the bed, put six, but don't worry if you are not willing to do it.

The number of cushions is important

3, 4, 5 and up to 7 cushions you can place a large bed. And it is that the size of the bed will largely determine the number of cushions that you must place on it so that they look aesthetically. What happens if you go overboard? That the bed could seem smaller.

Do not worry if you are not sure about the number of cushions you want to put yet. The selected images and the ideas on how to place the cushions that we share today will help you make a decision as you progress through this reading.

How do I place them?

If you have noticed how the cushions are placed in decoration publishers, you will have noticed that these usually keep an order. And we say, generally, it is because there is another trend that invites us more or less than to drop them to give the bed a less rigid and more natural appearance. What is the best way to put the cushions then?

in an orderly way

If you like order, this way of putting the cushions on the bed will convince you. Because it will also provide you with a clear image of how the cushions should be and In what order should you place them?. You will only have to worry about choosing and buying them, which is already enough work.

Order of the cushions on the bed

At the bottom

In that orderly way of placing the cushions at the bottom and The cushions are always attached to the headboard. If you have individual cushions, instead of a single pillow, the work will be easier. Do you have a pillow? Whether you hide them under the quilt or leave it out in the open, two extra pillows will serve to mark the exit point.

It is interesting in both cases that these cushions are smooth and neutral and light colors: white, cream or gray. Why? Because they will lighten the background, they will not get in the way of the headboard or they will condition you when choosing the color of the rest of the cushions.

Second row of cushions

In front of the previous ones you will have to place two contrasting quadrants in color with the cushions Are there other options? Of course, but with this one you will find it difficult to go wrong. Another alternative would be to have a printed motif that contains or complements the color of the cushions, but we prefer to leave these for the next row of cushions.

The most common way to organize the cushions on the bed

Third row

You can place a single cushion here if you think they are enough or bet on two smaller and longer rectangular ones. If you haven't introduced patterned elements yet, this is a good time to do so, they will bring a lot of joy to the outfit. Thanks to the reduced size of these cushions you could even risk betting on cushions with small differences.

fourth row

Have you reached the fourth row? Even if it is a large bed, it is time to put the last cushions. Choose between a couple of smaller cushions or a single round cushion. It is important that it is a special and interesting piece that also provides another texture to the whole.

in a disorderly way

Do you find the previous one too rigid an alternative? Then maybe this one suits your style better unordered way of placing the cushions. Now, you will not have here a step by step to follow to create your composition on the bed.

cushions without order

Of course, you can follow the advice mentioned above to choose cushions of different sizes and whose set is harmonious, but there is no correct way to place them. One day we heard that the best way to place them was throw the cushions on the top of the bed and then subtly rectify the position of some of them to improve the composition.

What way of putting the cushions on the bed do you like the most? Remember that there is no single correct way to put them. The important thing is that you like how they turned out.

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