How do you put cutlery on the table?

How to put the cutlery on the table

When is the time to put the table at christmas you always have doubts about where should you place each cutlery? Don't you ever know if the spoon is placed on the left or right? It will be the last time because Decoora Today we share with you the general rules for putting cutlery on the table.

Cutlery is put on the table following an order that later makes it easier for the diner to know which one to use first and which one later. At our table and in an informal situation we can skip many rules, but to do so it is essential to first know them.

How to place cutlery

It is normal to have doubts when we celebrate something at home about how to place the cutlery. And it is that most of us are not used to large tables and when we go out to eat or dine at a restaurant we rarely pay attention to these details. And for this reason, before going into detail about the placement of each cutlery, we believe it is necessary to some clarifications general:

Place only the cutlery that is needed

  1. Place only the cutlery to be used. It seems obvious, but if there is no spoon dish on the menu, you should not place it on the table. This is done to simplify the table and not create confusion among diners.
  2. always follow the same order outside in. The first cutlery to be used will always be the furthest from the plate. Later, when these are collected, you will use the ones that are now furthest from the plate and so on.
  3. Not too close colors. When placing them on the table, separate them minimum 2 centimeters from the plate and keep them at that same distance from each other.
  4. Align the base of the cutlery. The cutlery must be placed parallel to the plate and with its base aligned with the lower part of the plate, forming a straight line.

The position of each covered

Now that you have the general keys, it is time to talk about each of the cutlery and its position. How do you put the cutlery on the table? These are the rules for the placement of fork, knife, spoon and dessert cutlery.

  • The forks are placed on the left. If you visualize the plate as the face of a clock, the forks are always placed at 9 o'clock. And in the case in which we are going to use several forks, following the general rule that we mentioned before, the one that we place furthest from the plate will be the first in used. So if you are going to eat a salad as a starter and then a fish, the fish fork will be the one that you should place closest to the plate.
  • The knives they are placed on the right or at 3 o'clock. In addition, the edge of the knife should always face the plate. And if we are going to need several? You will follow the same order as in the case of the forks.
  • The spoons They are placed to the right of the plate and generally to the right of the knives, since they are usually used in dishes that are served before meat or fish. But this does not always have to be true, and in that case it will be essential to respect the general order and place what must be used first, furthest from the plate. In addition, the spoon should always be placed with the concavity up.
  • Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. dessert cutlery. And what about the cutlery for dessert? They are usually placed at the top of the plate, at 12 o'clock, the spoon and knife are placed with the handle to the right and the fork with the handle to the left. But if you think that they can bother you because the table is very saturated with things, you could not put it and take them out together with the dessert.

Cutlery speaks for you while you eat

And if there are doubts about how to place the cutlery on the table, the doubts multiply when we must place the cutlery on the plate to indicate that we are done or that we do not want to eat more and we want the next dish to be brought to us.

What do the cutlery on the plate indicate?

I am the first one who is not clear about these rules, so I have read here and there to inform myself and share it with you. And although there is some version found, in most cases the rules are clear and they are the following:

  • I'm taking a break. If you place the fork and knife in an inverted "v" but do not touch the cutlery, you will be indicating that you are taking a break. Or in other words, you haven't finished eating yet.
  • I'm done, next dish. If you place them in the shape of a cross, the tines of the fork vertically and the knife horizontally as in the image above, it means that you have finished the dish and want the next one.
  • I've finished. If they are both vertical and parallel, it will indicate that you are done.
  • I liked it a lot. If, on the contrary, you place them horizontally and parallel with the handle to the left, you will express that you liked the dish very much.
  • I have not liked. And if you don't like her? Then you should place the knife and fork forming an inverted "v", now touching, so that the edge of the knife is between the teeth of the fork.

Did you know all these rules related to how to put cutlery on the table?

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