How to remove water stains on windows and mirrors

Windows water stains

We are in the fall, a time of year when it is common for rain to stain window panes, ruining the work of having previously cleaned them. Perhaps someone may think that this water will be responsible for cleaning the windows, but the reality is different.

Rainwater is accompanied by some residues that, when mixed with the dust that the windows may have, produce stains, sometimes very difficult to remove. So that you do not worry about these, today we share with you a series of home remedies with which you can end stains of water on both windows and mirrors.

Cleaning windows is not an activity that most of us like but it has to be done. In addition to being unpleasant to see dirty glass, they do not allow take advantage of all the light that enters through the windowsTaking advantage of natural light is especially important at this time of year when days are so short. So, take note of our following tips.

Dirty window

General advice

Cleaning the windows has no mystery, or does it? It all depends on whether we want to spend more or less effort on it. To optimize the work there are certain tips that you should not go through something and that before starting to list some home remedies, we believe it is important to share.

  • Choose a good day to clean the windows, understanding a good day as one cloudy, no rain forecast. Not only will the work be less tiring, but you will also avoid reflections that make it difficult to see the result well. In addition, the product you use will not dry excessively quickly, allowing you to work more comfortably. This tip is especially important if you use vinegar or lemon.
  • The windows should be cleaned in a zigzag, preferably in opposite directions inside and out. That is, if you clean them from top to bottom on the outside, it would be better to do it from right to left on the inside. This way you can quickly identify stains.
  • If the glass is excessively dirty, it may be advisable to use soapy water and a sponge first.

White vinegar and / or lemon juice

HR antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties of vinegar make it a great solution to clean our home. It is very useful to eliminate possible bacteria, germs and mold present in, in this case, glass and windows.

Dilute white vinegar and water in equal parts in a spray container. Then, spray the liquid on the glass that you are about to clean and immediately afterwards wipe a microfiber cloth. Press on the glass so that the vinegar removes the water stains. When you finish cleaning windows with vinegar and before it dries, take another clean and dry cloth and wipe it all over the surface.

Clean the windows with vinegar and / or lemon

Lemon is a powerful natural cleanser as is the case with white vinegar. You can use it in the same way, spraying the crystals with diluted lemon juice to remove all the water stains that you have on the windows and mirrors. Although if the stains are very difficult for them to disappear, you could definitely have to use them undiluted.

What if you mix them? Vinegar is a great cleaner, but it has an odor that many may find unpleasant. Combine a cup of water, with the juice of a lemon and a splash of vinegar. Lemon juice will soften the scent of this cleaning solution. and it will make coping with the task a little more enjoyable.

Cornstarch or cornstarch

Cornstarch is perfect for cleaning any type of surface. Mix three tablespoons of cornstarch in one and a half liters of water. Soak a soft cloth or sponge in the mixture and wipe the entire surface of the window. Then let it work for a few minutes and, before it begins to dry, wipe with another clean damp cloth to remove any remaining starch. The window will be completely clean and without stains.

Cornstarch to clean the windows

Do you want the solution to eliminate water stains on windows to have, in addition, disinfectant power? Add a splash of vinegar to the solution. Vinegar has disinfectant power, since it contains acetic acid, a powerful ally to sanitize our home.

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Bicarbonate of soda

Another perfect product for cleaning our home is baking soda. Mix some baking soda with water until you get to form a kind of pasta. You got it? Now take a microfiber cloth, take part of this paste and remove all the water stains.

Finally, rinse the crystals with water and a cloth to remove the traces of bicarbonate and wash away the accumulated dirt.

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