How to restore shine to tiled floors

restore shine to tiled floors

The passage of time and inefficient cleaning cause tile floors lose their original shine. If your house is old and the floors look dull or even have stains that seem difficult to remove, take advantage of the tricks that we share today to restore the shine to the tiled floor.

Bring back the shine to tiled floors in the kitchen or bathroom, including hydraulic floors it's possible; although you cannot expect miracles if they have been mistreated either. You can also do it with products to walk around the house without having to resort to a thousand and one commercial products.

Basic and regular cleaning

Without regular cleaning any tiled floor will look tarnished over the years. That's why it's important adopt a cleaning routine. This will also help us, that original shine of the tiles that does so much for a room to look clean and tidy.

Sweep and wash

A basic cleaning routine for tile floors does not involve scrubbing the floors daily but does sweep or vacuum them.  If it can be every day better, if not as little on alternate days. Because the accumulated dirt is responsible for the floors losing shine.

Sweeping or vacuuming is what you will need to do as well before proceeding with any of the cleaning hacks we are sharing today. also before scrub them with warm water and detergent, which is ideal for removing fat.

At least once a week pass the mop with the mixture and then go back to mopping only with water and the mop well drained. If you sweep and scrub as often as necessary, you won't have to worry about applying those deeper cleaning tricks that we're sharing with you today.

Water and white vinegar for kitchens and bathrooms

Have you let grease build up on your kitchen tile floor? Have you bought an old house and want to bring the shine back to the floor? First, as we have explained before, sweep or vacuum to remove any remaining dirt. Then use a white vinegar water solution to remove that annoying layer of fat that refuses to disappear.

Mix 4 liters of water and a quarter cup of white vinegar in a bucket.  With a sponge or scourer, if the fat is very seized, rub so that it comes out. The vinegar will take care of the grease and bring the shine back to the tile floor.

Tiled floor

Once you've scrubbed the tile floors with the solution, remember to rinse them off. You just have to use warm water and a well-wrung mop to go little by little clearing the ground. Do not be in a hurry and do everything carefully, you will notice the result!

Add talcum powder

Do you think it will not be enough? Are the kitchen floors very bad?  especially in kitchens grease makes it difficult to clean the tiles. If this is the case, after rubbing the floors with the solution of water and vinegar, we suggest you take one more step before rinsing them.

Which? That of rubbing with a dry cloth and plenty of talcum powder the tiles before rinsing them. The talcum powder will absorb that grease that is always a problem in kitchens and other substances that help the shine of the tiles stick.

Bicarbonate for hydraulic floors

Hydraulic floors do not require basic cleaning other than that mentioned above, but it is especially important in these do not use products that contain bleach or ammonia so as not to harm their patterns unless we know for sure that we can.

That said, in addition to sweeping and scrubbing them with warm water and neutral soap to keep them clean, you can also use vinegar and baking soda to reinforce this basic cleaning when they lose their shine. It is a treatment that will be enough for you to apply it a couple of times a year as long as you maintain an adequate cleaning routine.


hydraulic tiles

After having swept and scrubbed the floor with warm water and neutral soap, fill the mop bucket with water and add three tablespoons of baking soda and five of white vinegar. Mix well and mop the floor again with the mixture. Then it will be enough for you to pass a dry cloth to leave it as new.

There are specific solutions on the market with which good results are obtained and which may be necessary depending on the state of the soil. But in most cases you will be able to bring the shine back to the tiled floor with less aggressive products, both for the soil and for us and the environment, such as those we have used. If applied frequently and routinely, they are very effective and will save you a lot of storage space.

Have you tried any of these tricks to bring the shine back to a tiled floor?

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