How to order the storage room at home

storage room

The storage room is usually a place in the house that is usually very messy and disorganized. That is why having it well organized is a real challenge for anyone. The big problem is because it is an area of ​​the house that is not usually paid much attention and in which disorder is the order of the day.

In the following article we are going to give you a series of guidelines and tips that will help you to have the storage room totally tidy and with an organization that you are sure to thank.

What to do to get the storage room tidy

Then we are going to give a series of tips that will help you to have a well-organized storage room as well as tidy:

  • The first of all is to make a remittance of what is inside the storage room. This will help us to throw away what you don't want and keep the rest. It is quite normal that certain objects accumulate in the storage room that are not used in any way. Thanks to the inventory, you can give or donate a series of things that you do not want or that you will not use. If you do not want to throw away or donate certain things, but because of their size they take up a lot of space in the storage room, you can rent a storage room and put those things there.
  • The second will consist of ordering the storage room by using boxes and shelves. These are storage accessories that are essential when it comes to keeping a certain room tidy. Before using these boxes it is advisable to organize all the belongings in the storage room and classify them by weight or size. From there you can use the appropriate shelves or boxes and start organizing said storage room.


  • When putting the different items into the boxes, it is advisable to opt for boxes that are transparent and put labels on them. In this way it is much easier and simpler to maintain a good organization inside the storage room and to know at all times where the different things are. It is best to stack them to take advantage of the maximum possible space inside the storage room. On many occasions the boxes are not placed as they should and takes up more space than normal. Thanks to the labeling of the boxes, you will not waste hours and hours looking for certain objects as happens when you have to look for summer things or Christmas decorations.
  • Apart from the boxes, the storage room should not be missing any other shelves that helps keep everything neat and organized. You can place them attached to the wall or ceiling to save space. These shelves must be made of a material that copes with humidity without problems, such as stainless steel. Another good option when it comes to storing things is to opt for cabinets and place in the same objects or things like seasonal clothes or shoes.


Can you decorate a storage room?

Most of the time the storage room is a very dark place in the house and in which the decoration is totally absent. It is true that it is a room in the house that is not accessed much. However, apart from having it tidy, it can be decorated to achieve a pleasant place in this way. Do not lose detail of the following tips that will allow you to have a decorated storage room:

  • The storage room doesn't have to be a dark and gloomy place. It is good that it has good lighting that allows you to find things without any problem,
  • When choosing the different boxes or shelves that will help you store all the objects that you have in the storage room, it is convenient to opt for boxes that are similar since this is key to achieving an orderly place and that is happy to behold.

order storage room

  • It is not advisable to reload the room with more boxes than normal, since the feeling of overwhelm and claustrophobia can be quite important. It is advisable to leave a small corridor that allows you to take things without any problem.
  • It is worth adding some decorative element to the storage room to make the stay as cozy as possible. Nothing happens to put a nice carpet on the floor or the odd painting on the walls. Anything goes with the aim that the storage room is a pleasant place in the house and not just a place to store things.


Ultimately, the storage room should not be a messy place, in which it costs a world to find something. Nothing happens to keep it tidy and organized, achieving a stay in which it is not unpleasant to spend a while.

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