Ideas to create furniture with pallets

Furniture with pallets

Pallets have become one of the most used materials for make DIY projects. And it is a great material with which we can do all kinds of things. Today we will see many of the fantastic ideas to create furniture with pallets, a trend that is still on the rise, because great things can be done.

Take note of all the projects that you can undertake with just a few pallets. These wooden pallets are used for many things, either in their original condition or using their boards to make new things. Today we have countless ideas to create different furniture with these great pallets.

Outdoor furniture with pallets

Pallet outdoor furniture

One of the ideas that first arose when creating furniture with pallets was that of create outdoor furniture. As they are more suffered and are not used all year round, someone decided to make low cost furniture like these. In this case they are really simple, since it involves painting and treating the wood of the pallet so that it does not spoil with humidity, and stacking them to make some armchairs, a higher table and a low table that acts as an auxiliary table. With some beautiful and cozy textiles the space improves a lot and thus we have a terrace for very little money.

Armchairs with pallets

Armchair with pallets

Another of the furniture that has triumphed are the armchairs made from pallets. You can back them up with another pallet, and they have those holes in which you can store the magazines. The wood is painted the color you want, and what you should find are cushions or mats to put on the wood, to turn it into a comfortable armchair. Wheels have even been added to this so it can be easily moved from one side to the other.

Beds with pallets

Beds with pallets

If you do not know how to decorate the bedroom, then you can make beds with pallets. You only have to gather a few to make the base, and use others for the headboard. It is a way to create a different bed, which also has a raised space, with an area to power things and with a matching headboard. Although it has the disadvantage that it takes up much more space than necessary.

Shelving with pallets

Shelving with pallets

In this case they wanted to take advantage of pallets to make shelves. If we hang them on the walls we must add some table so that we can support something on them. They can be put in both directions, since with the front part they can also be used to hang things. It is another very practical DIY shelf, like those made with wooden boxes, and it is very economical. In a house with modern decoration and an industrial style it is a great idea.

Vertical gardens with pallets

Vertical orchard

As we are in a time when you have to look again at the terrace area, we also give you this great idea. The one to use the pallets as authentic vertical gardens. They will take up little space and allow us to have several pots and plants in a small hole. They can be put against the wall and thus have aromatic plants or for cooking. A good idea is to put the names of each thing and thus know where each plant is.

Table on wheels made of pallets

Table with pallets

Auxiliary tables can also be made with pallets. This table also has wheels, and is a detail that is often seen in industrial-style living rooms. Use part of the pallet to make the table, add a metal or glass top and some wheels to move it. It is a very functional and versatile piece of furniture that can be carried from one side to the other and has a storage area at the bottom.

Pallet Pet Bed

Pet bed

One idea that we liked is to make a pet bed of the house made with pallets. These pallets can be used to make the base and the sides, just as we do with normal beds but on a small scale. Thus we will achieve a special bed for pets, and you just have to add a comfortable mat so that they sleep. And you can make the simplest version, stacking a few pallets and adding a mat. Although in this bed they have even used a board to put the name of the pet. It all depends on our skill when it comes to making crafts.

Furniture with pallets for the office

If you would like to set up an office at home but not spending too much, you can always use pallets to make your furniture more essential. In this original office they have created a table superimposing pallets, so that there are storage spaces. And they have also made a sofa in front of the table stacking pallets and with a comfortable cushion, in the simplest way. With these pallets it is not necessary to complicate to get whole room furniture.

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