Ideas to take advantage of the space under the window


“Clean” walls allow us to decorate a space with greater freedom. However, we all like to have at least one window in each room so that it is properly ventilated and to be able to enjoy natural light during the day. Do you want to know how to take advantage of the space under them? En Decoora Today we show you some ideas.

Under the window from the kitchen we usually place the sink; under the window of the children's bedroom, the desk... It seems that there are some elements specially designed to take advantage of these spaces. In general, we look for base units that allow us to increase the storage space in the room and at the same time provide us with a functional countertop.

However, on many occasions furnishing the space under the window can be quite a challenge. It is not exactly a very large space, which we are only going to be able to decorate with low furniture. The difficulty is even greater if a radiator has also been installed on this same wall. But we are not going to put ourselves today in the worst case, but we are going to imagine that we have a limited space, yes, but clean.

Surely one of the ideas that we show you next will convince you. Some of them are classic solutions, while others stand out for being very creative and daring. Choose the one that best suits for the windows of your house:

a small bar

bar under the window

A great idea for a window more where there are space problems. Install a simple bar screwed to the wall, just below the window, will provide us with a pleasant extra corner, the perfect place to have a coffee or have breakfast contemplating the world through the glass.

It is not necessary for this bar to be particularly wide, probably 40 cm is more than enough. What does matter is that it is attached to the wall, in order to leave free space to sit (both high chairs and stools can fit perfectly there) and put your legs under. The height will obviously be determined by the location of the bottom of the window frame.

This flirty bar can also go in the window of an office or an office. The result will be the same: a nice little improvised corner for the coffee break. Of course, the bar can be folding, being collected in the moments in which we are not going to need it. All with the aim of making the most of the space.

Bench-drawer: a storage solution


That empty hole under the window is a wasted space that lovers of order will know how to use. For example, it is a good place to install a multipurpose bench, one of those pieces of furniture that are used to take a seat, but that are hidden inside one or several compartments to store objects.

Thus, this bench-sofa can also be a drawer for sheets, a shoe cabinet or even a place to store children's toys and keep them out of sight. In the image above, a beautiful example.

It must be said that we can see this type of multipurpose bench in a kitchen, forming part of cozy corners in which to enjoy breakfast or dinner. Also in living rooms and bedrooms.

small home office

office window

Una workshop It is any place where you can work. And now that he home working is booming, it is important to know that with very little effort and imagination we can build it in a bright and wasted place in the house: under the window.

The images above give us two illustrative examples: on the left, the repetition of the screwed table-bar formula that we saw at the beginning, with enough space to work with a laptop; on the right, an attached table (option that will depend on how much space we have). Both are valid.

An important note: for our mini-office of window can be considered as such, it will be necessary to have plugs near and also from some light source, such as a flexo, when the work extends beyond daylight hours.

All that has been said also applies to creating a study table beautiful, practical and well lit.

Mini-library under the window

books window

Don't you have enough space at home to store your books? Under the window can be an ideal place to install a low bookcase, with one or two shelves at most. In this way you can create a mini-library or a peculiar addition to the home library. Also, books always look so good anywhere...

Reading corner

reading corner

And speaking of books, why not design a cozy reading corner by the window? There will be many who simply settle for a rocking chair, a wing chair or a simple puff by the window. Others more demanding will dare to build an authentic and comfortable reading couch, with cushions and other accessories, as in the image above. matter of taste And, as always, of the available space.

One more sofa for the house

sofa window

This idea is nothing more than the extension of the previous suggestion of the multipurpose bench, only focused on seeking comfort over practical functions. That leftover space in which you don't know what to put or how to decorate, can be transformed into a relaxation area.

Depending on the layout of the window, the size of the room and, obviously, the shape of the window, it is better to opt for a construction sofa. This can also be converted, when the time comes, into a guest bed. It's simply about finding the right furniture and having a little grace when designing the corner.

Perhaps the two images above can serve as a source of inspiration.

From window to gazebo

plants window

Finally, we must mention an idea that perhaps you did not suspect that we would dare to suggest: do nothing. In other words, letting that empty space remain empty and allowing nothing to steal the limelight from the window, which communicates us with the outside world and brings light into the room.

The objective is elevate the humble hallway, bedroom or living room window to bay window. If the window is large and well oriented, with pleasant views, even better. So what about that space under the window? Will it be unfilled? The answer is yes.

There are certain things that can be done to highlight this new feature: arrange some sober and small-sized furniture next to the frame, place some pots with indoor plants that, for example, could flank both sides of the window or on the windowsill. But be careful: without excesses, because we don't want anything to block our vision to the outside... And not much more. Only totally secondary aesthetic details that can give a magnificent result.

Images: The Furniture, Pixabay

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