Ideas for decorating a dining room with a high ceiling

high ceiling

Un high ceiling is always attractive feeling of spaciousness they provide to any room. That also applies to a dining room. But this is not its only advantage. The high ceilings also allow us to project large windows, in order to favor the entry of natural light into our home.

Both are compelling reasons for bet on high ceilings in our home. However, this structural peculiarity also presents some peculiarities that cannot be ignored. Sometimes it can be more difficult to decorate a space with high ceilings and at the same time make it warm and welcoming. Success or failure depends on the use made of materials, colors and other decorative elements.

Most of the houses that are currently being built have rooms with low ceilings, but if we live in a building with a certain age, we may have one or more rooms with a high ceiling. That supposes advantages and disadvantages. In any case, a challenge for our creativity and creative ingenuity.

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High ceiling dining room: for and against

A "high ceiling" is considered to be that which is at least three meters above the ground. A peculiarity of the old domestic constructions that you can get a lot out of. Of course, before acting it is necessary to know your strengths and weaknesses well:


This is a small list of the arguments in favor of having a dining room with a high ceiling in our house, all that they bring us:

  • Conclusion brighter, since the greater height of the ceiling allows to install wider windows. That is also a point in favor when we have to ventilate the room.
  • Conclusion More spacious. It can be thought that the real width is deceptive, since the space gained with respect to a normal dining room is at the top. However, the feeling of greater space is undeniable and there are many ways to take advantage of that extra space.
  • they have better acoustics. This is noticeable when we listen to music or watch television.


The decoration of a dining room with a high ceiling is more demanding than one with a conventional ceiling. That can be a negative or a positive, depending on how you look at it. In any case, these are some of the aspects that we must also take into account:

  • Due to the height, it is more difficult to access the areas closest to the ceiling and place lamps, shelves, paintings, etc. in them.
  • Dining rooms with high ceilings are more difficult to heat in winter and cool in summer.
  • Not all decorative styles they are appropriate for a room with a high ceiling. Getting it right is not always easy.

Some decorative ideas that will help us

The higher the ceiling, the greater the decorative challenge that we are going to find. That should not discourage us, on the contrary: it is a demanding and stimulating task that puts our decorative skills to the test. Having a high-ceilinged dining room is a gift. To make it shine, here are some practical tips:

Warm colors

dining room ceiling

High-ceilinged dining rooms are visually appealing, architecturally speaking. Although if they are very large spaces, there is a risk that they may be too cold. What to do to correct this? Obviously, the smartest thing to do is to bet on natural materials and warm colors.

An example to illustrate this idea is the dining room in the image above. In a very cunning way the cold white color disappears from the walls, replaced by a pleasant sapphire blue, The ceiling itself flees from cold and empty tones, offering a beautiful champagne color. The rest of the elements (curtains, furniture, lights) also row in favor in the same direction.

high ceiling

This other example (the one we show on these lines) does not renounce the white color of the walls, in exchange for covering the ceiling, high and irregular, with wood or wood-look panels. These give us the warmth we are looking for, again looking for the complicity of other wooden elements such as the dining room table.

Within this solution there is the variant of installing false wooden beams on the ceiling, thus also achieving a charming rustic touch.

The importance of light

high ceiling windows

A key element in decorating this type of dining room with high ceilings is lighting. As is well known, this can be achieved through openings and windows in the walls, or with lamps that provide us with direct, overhead or lateral light. The important thing is that the solution fits with the style of dining room that we have chosen.

If we talk about natural light, the question is simple: more windows and larger windows to allow a greater volume of outside light. This is not always possible, but one double row of windows like the ones in the dining room in the image above is an excellent idea. It is also, in modern houses, a glass wall or a big panoramic window.

The other great option is Hanging lamps  one of our great allies when it comes to decorating these spaces. On the market there are many and varied models to choose from: from the classic chandeliers full of crystals and fantasy motifs to modern lamps with a minimalist cut, of an industrial type, etc.

The key to these lamps is to bring the ceiling closer to the ground. Tricking the eye so that the space above is hidden and that unpleasant feeling of emptiness that ceilings that are too high often present is eliminated. In the image above, a good example. The halogen spotlights in the false ceiling would be insufficient without that beautiful glass lamp on the table.

Furniture and materials

dining table

A long table it will help to balance the proportions of the dining room, so that the ceiling does not seem so high. If, on the contrary, what we want is to enhance the height, it will be better to use an oval or round table, and decorate the space with large vertical paintings.

The image above is a good compendium of some of the ideas presented in this post: large windows for outside light, a high ceiling with wooden beams, soft colours, a modern pendant lamp and a long and wide table.

Regarding the materials, timber It will help create a warmer space. That is one of his great qualities, which we never tire of remembering in this blog. On the contrary, glass and metal, rare in these spaces, will project a colder space. In our opinion, it is not the most recommended, but it is a possibility that many people like.


A high-ceilinged dining room is a rarity that not every home possesses. Must know how to take advantage of its peculiar characteristics (both positive and negative) so that this plays in our favor in home decoration. In this post we give you some keys to achieve this goal: find the right lighting, as well as make the right choice of colors and furniture.

We only hope that the examples we have selected can serve as inspiration and to be able to design a beautiful dining room.

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