Ideas to decorate an arch in the living room

Ideas to decorate an arch

It is not common in current homes to have arches that serve as passage from one room to another. So if you are lucky enough to live in a house with this unique architectural element, draw attention to this one! What? With the following ideas to decorate an arch.

How trends change also in the world of design! For some years the arches in the houses They have been replaced by proposals for straighter lines in response to trends, but now they are in demand again. So why not take advantage of the bow you already have?

Today it is practically impossible to find such an architectural element in these mass-produced dwellings that most of us inhabit. However, interest in this element has been awakened and it is becoming more and more frequent that construction projects modern and avant-garde homes include them. And it is that in addition to being an excellent proposal to separate environments without losing visibility between one space and another, they can be terribly decorative if you play with them as we propose today.

Highlight them with color

We never get tired of repeating how transformative color is in our homes. A change or new shade of color can transform an entire room and put the focus where we want it. In this case in the entrance arch to the living room.

Painted arches that stand out

©Wendy Fenwick and ©Koen Van Damme

You just have to paint the contrast inner bow to not only draw attention to this element, but also add personality to the room. Do you want to go further? You could also use the color to draw the outline of the arch, as if it were a frame.

Among our ideas to decorate an arch in the living room, this is the simplest and cheapest. And it is that you will only need a small pot of paint, a roller and an adhesive to carry it out. The hardest part will be, possibly, choosing the color. With white walls, a gray tone can be an excellent choice, as well as being discreet. But do not give up green, blue or yellow if you are looking for an original and daring touch.

Dress them in wood

What if instead of painting the inside of the arch you cover it with wood? It is an alternative with which, in addition to making this element more attractive, you will print warmth to the room. And in a room decorated mainly in white, this is a detail that always adds up.

Normally for these works they are used sheets of wood with a thickness of a few millimeters. This type of cladding is very malleable and therefore easy to install. It is enough to shrink a sheet of the width of the arch and glue it to it. Obviously, the better finished off, the better, but incorporating more elements could make installation more difficult and more expensive.

Wood clad arches

Bet on coffered details

Surely more than once when you have visited a palatial home you have been lost in thought looking at its coffered ceilings. That same effect you can recreate in your bow on a small scale in order to achieve a elegant and sophisticated space.

Coffered details will give the arch a classic aesthetic and make it stand out. You can bet on natural wood if you are interested in giving warmth to the room, although we confess that the way we like these coffered details the most is painted white, gray or black.

Get your lines straight without giving up the arc

Do you want to get those straight lines that we were talking about at the beginning without covering the arch? You can do it by dividing the bow in two to get a lower rectangular element and a semicircular upper element. A wooden or metallic frame will suffice to delimit them.

modified bows

From there you can bet on following the same decorative line above and below or to highlight one of the two parts. We love the idea of ​​the second image; We find it more balanced than the first but it is a matter of taste! And not only tastes but also the style you want for your home.

This idea to decorate an arch in the living room lights up especially well in modern and contemporary style homes in which a serene atmosphere prevails. But it could also work in other style homes; the key is to play with the right materials, finishes and colors.

Use plants to attract attention

We are always encouraging you to incorporate plants into your home and it is that plants make a space more attractive or at least that is how it is for us. go figure a large terracotta pot with a vine plant or pendant following the lines of the arch. In a Mediterranean-style home it would be a great addition.

Decorate the arch of the living room with plants

Don't want any plants to climb the walls? then choose one tall plant and place it in a large pot to one side of the arch. At Decoora, the idea that this is a somewhat ungainly plant with a very long and thin trunk and leaves starting from the upper half seduces us. And it is difficult for us to imagine an element that is too rigid and symmetrical together with an element as organic as the arch.

Five in total are ideas to decorate an arch that we have shared with you today. Which one do you like more? Would you dare to apply any of them in your home? We lack the bow to be able to do it

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