Ideas to decorate wooden boxes with paint

wooden boxes

How many times have you heard us say how practical wooden boxes are to keep our homes organized? And it is that in addition to an element of fantastic order they can be transformed into great storage furniture. but maybe you want decorate wooden boxes with paint before so that they have more style.

The wooden boxes that we keep in case one day we need them are not always in the best conditions. Condition and decorate, especially if these are going to become a decorative element of our homeIt is always a great initiative. But how to do it?


Painting becomes a wonderful tool to give a second life to any object or piece of furniture. It helps us to transform one and the other in a simple and economical way. Because even if you are not very handy, you can have fun creating small projects like the one we are dealing with today.

Tools for painting wooden boxes

Anyone can decorate a box with paint. The hardest thing is probably choose the type of paint and the most appropriate tools for the project. And even this is easy with our help and that of your trusted hardware store.

To paint wooden boxes you can use both acrylic paints and chalk paints. The choice will depend on the result you want to achieve. If you want to work with bright colors and satin finishes, choose acrylic paints. If you are looking for a more natural finish and work in soft and matt tones, the chalk paintings They will become your best allies.

As for the tools, more of the same. If you have to paint many large boxes with a professional result, a spray gun is ideal. However, to decorate wooden boxes with paint in the way that we propose today, it will be enough with use a roller and/or brush.

 Ideas to decorate the boxes

Do you need ideas to decorate wooden boxes with paint? Today we propose four starting with the simplest or the one that involves the least work. In most cases you will not need more than a ruler, a pencil, adhesive tape, in addition to the tools that we have already talked about, to get to work.

a solid color

Solid colors

Toy boxes from Maisons du Monde and Benlemi

The easiest way to decorate wooden boxes with paint is applying on these a solid color coat. You can do this on the entire box or just the bottom half, if the wood of the box is nice and you want to keep the natural aesthetic of the box.

Look at the toy boxes in the photo. With the color is enough to adapt them to a specific space but it is that after painting them you can also add stickers in the form of polka dots, stars or letters, to finish them off. They will be fantastic with very little effort.

Geometric motifs

painted geometric motifs

Boxes of Not on the high st.

Geometric motifs are trending. they are for Paint the walls, so why wouldn't they be to decorate boxes. With geometric motifs it is also difficult to make a mistake because they do not have to be perfect or symmetrical.

Draw the motifs on the box with a pencil and choose the colors you want to apply. Then, delimit each of the motifs with adhesive tape or washi tape if, like me, you do not have a very good hand. Once painted, don't wait until the paint is completely dry to remove them. Remove them better when it is somewhat wet, yes, very carefully.


Vintage Style

Projects of The turquoise house and PaperBlog

Would you like add a vintage touch to a certain corner from the house? Boxes like the ones in the image become a great ally for this. But, how to achieve that matte and worn finish that characterizes them? Very simple, using chalk paint and chalk.

First brush on a coat of chalk paint to the box. Colors such as old white or pastel green fit perfectly in this type of craft, but there are many others that you can choose from. Then, with fine sandpaper or a blade, wear down those corners and edges where the paint would naturally end up being worn by rubbing. You already have it!

artistic motifs

Reasons to decorate boxes

Do you have a knack for drawing? Do not worry if you do not have it, to create motifs like the ones we show you, it is enough to have some creativity or daring. And it is that on the net you will find a lot of inspiration to give color to your old wooden boxes.

you can bet on abstract drawings if you have never drawn or doubt your ability. It will be enough for you to take a brush, choose a color and let yourself go and so on with as many colors as you wish. If you are more daring you can choose more defined motifs such as landscapes or flowers, relatively simple for those of us who are beginners.

Do you like these ideas to decorate wooden boxes with paint? Which one do you like best to decorate your home?

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