Keys to decorate modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms

We are many who wish for our home a modern and current style and yet, we do not know the keys to this style. We want modern bathrooms, but we don't know which elements help us achieve our goal and which elements, on the other hand, distance us from it, am I wrong? In Decoora We solve all your doubts today.

Modern bathrooms tend to simple and clean aesthetics. They are generally chosen to decorate furniture with clean lines with well-defined shapes in neutral and bright colors. In a decade in which the Scandinavian style is a reference, achieving a space of minimalist essence is one of the keys.

The bathroom is a space that we use every day and that we have not been able to give the credit it deserves until now! Modern bathrooms have transformed what until now were boring spaces into elegant and / or refreshing spaces, conducive to relaxation. They have taken this space to another level, combining aesthetics and functionality.

Modern bathrooms

What characteristics should modern bathrooms have?

Modern bathrooms should be spaces elegant, clean and bright designed for rest. It is important that despite their small size, they are also aesthetically interesting. The combination of materials is key to achieving an elegant and modern bathroom, but so is a suitable choice of furniture and accessories. Broadly speaking, these are the key elements to achieve modern bathrooms:

  1. Few colors, neutral and bright.
  2. Interesting material combinations: concrete / wood, wood / marble ...
  3. Furniture with clean and elevated lines.
  4. Clear, white surfaces.
  5. Bathtubs and / or sinks exempt.
  6. Showers with benches / masonry niches and glass walls
  7. Mirrors and designer accessories.

Elevated and freestanding furniture

Modern bathrooms: Flowering furniture and freestanding bathtubs

The new trends invite us to bet on minimalist style furniture, floating or elevated. These pieces of furniture visually enlarge spaces by exposing the entire floor. In addition, they are furniture that prevents moisture from being created and makes cleaning easier. These pieces of furniture are often complemented by stone-free sinks.

Freestanding furniture makes the difference between a traditional bathroom and a modern one. The freestanding bathtubs They have become a must for those who want to elevate their bathroom to another category. Modern bathrooms, also bet on free-standing design bathtubs with straight shapes.

Glazed showers with niches

Modern bathroom showers

The shower is an essential element in the bathroom today. We use it daily and as such it is important that it is practical for us. To this end, it is customary to incorporate benches and work niches to organize toiletries. It has become a trend that prevents us from having to add external elements to the design later.

The shower area has gained great prominence in the bathroom. It is not strange to highlight it using a different tiling in terms of shape and / or color to that used in the bathroom. A tiling that would not make sense if translucent glass doors were not used to expose it.

Materials: concrete and wood

Modern bathrooms

Materials also distinguish modern bathrooms. The concrete, It is a material that in the last decade has gained great prominence indoors. It is not strange to find it on the floors and walls of modern homes and it is becoming common to find washbasin furniture made of this material.

Concrete is a material that works very well with wood. Together, they achieve a very interesting natural balance to decorate modern bathrooms with industrial and / or rustic accents. The wood for its warmth it also combines very well with marble, stone and metal in the bathroom.

Colors for modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms should allow us to relax and disconnect for a few minutes from both work and daily routines. Create one serene and balanced atmosphere, will be the key to achieving it. For this, it will be necessary to pay attention to different factors, among which color stands out as one of the most important.

A well-chosen color palette will make a big difference in the final result. White, gray, black and natural colors such as wood become favorites to decorate modern-style bathrooms. White / gray and white / black combinations work very well in these environments. An advice? Be cautious with black, especially in small spaces and / or with little natural light; it can dwarf them, make them visually smaller.

Now that we have shared all the keys to achieve modern bathrooms with you, you can start decorating and transforming yours. If it is a new work, you can be inspired by the images to create your dream bathroom. If, on the other hand, you already have a decorated bathroom and you want to modernize it, play with elements such as screens, mirrors and small accessories to transform it. Have you found our tips useful? Let us know!

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