Minimalism and color in the new Ikea Tesammans collection


The new Tesammans collection from IKEA is minimalism and color. Whether you are looking for a beautiful, modern look or a relaxing atmosphere, this new collection will have something for you.

Let's keep in mind that color plays an important role in daily life, It interacts with our emotions and influences our spaces at home. In addition, it inspires people to express themselves and allows them to create colorful, happy rooms, with energy to carry out different tasks or rest.

Combinations They must have a positive impact on our well-being and find the right balance, In addition to understanding how the modern colors with light, combinations with other tones and objects.

A task that can be very complicated but that the IKEA experts and the Tesammans collection will take into account. It will encourage people to furnish their homes with the right colors.

Below, we will see some ideas from the large collection that covers a wide variety of objects from hanging mobiles, lampshades, rugs, cushions, pillows, tableware, storage furniture with wheels, all in vibrant but very relaxing tones.

The accessories are manufactured to be incorporated into all rooms of the home. depending on your emotions and what you want to express in each of them within it.

Colorful decorative pillows


No room is complete without some accent pillows. The Tesammans collection includes a range of pillow and cushion styles in which it is incorporate bold colors into your home and vibrant.

From stripes to geometric patterns. These cushions and pillows They can be combined with solid colored furniture to add warmth and personality to any room.

The blankets are very cozy, they have a great variety of colors and play with visual perception, with lines, geometric elements, they seem to blend into a single tone. When you get closer you can distinguish the colors separately, the effect is very visually striking.

IKEA designers argue that a single color has little power so other combinations are needed to achieve maximum potential. Combining blue with yellow, the colors reinforce each other, creating a very energetic atmosphere. For decorative pillows, The combination of presenting blocks and stripes that contrast perfectly is ideal.

Bright curtains

Curtains can add a pop of color to any room. The Tesammans collection includes a range of brightly colored curtains with a variety of designs, from simple plains to cheerful and contemporary designs.

These curtains are a simple way to refresh the look of any room and can be combined with other colorful IKEA accessories such as curtains, pillowcases and wall art.

modern rugs

Modern rugs can add a touch of character to any room. The Tesammans collection includes a range of modern designs and colorful options, from bold geometric motifs to very striking and different shapes.

These rugs are an easy way to add personality to any room and can be paired with other colorful accessories to create a lively look.

Colorful Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are a great way to add color to any room. The Tesammans collection includes a range of elegant pieces in various colours, from vibrant red and yellow tones to soft pastels.

These chairs can be combined with other colorful accessories to create a lively look, and They can be easily moved around to add interest and variety to any room.

Colorful Accents and Wall Art


When it comes to adding color to your home, you can't go wrong with wall art and other decorative accents. The Tesammans collection includes a wide variety of colorful wall art pieces, from playful shapes and motifs to vibrant abstractions.

Lyxodd, Lemgram and Lemmington are great pieces of wall art from the Tesammans collection to add a touch of color and personality to any room.

Vases and planters


As for decorative accents, the collection includes a variety of colorful vases, picture frames and other decorative pieces, which can be combined with other accessories and colorful furniture to add warmth and personality to any room.

The vases are made of glazed stoneware, consisting of pieces of various sizes. They can serve as flower pots, and Within the colors we can find them with stripes, offering various combinations for options in terms of decoration.

You can choose which colors to combine depending on the mood or the flowers you want to place. Whether you want to offer an energetic and colorful environment or something more calm and peaceful.



The collection incorporated glassware that are small works of art by intense colors in the kitchen. Pale pink and brown glasses, blue jugs to add color to the tables.


The ideal wheeled storage unit for the kitchen, napkins and tablecloths adding vibrant and very striking colors.
Cups with stripes matching the napkins to make your moments of rest creating a very special place for a tea or coffee break.

Lamps and pendants for the bedroom


These accessories are to create a relaxing atmosphere, The lamps have a light that shines softly, creating a very cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. You can incorporate the dreamy hanging decoration that you can contemplate when you are in your bed.

The IKEA Tesammans collection is minimalism and color. The collection includes a range of modern pieces in a variety of colors and motifs to help you add personality and warmth to any room.

With a few simple pieces from the Tesammans collection and other colorful IKEA accessories, you can easily create a cheerful and cozy home. Features accessories for all rooms in the house creating a world of color to fill the entire home with energy, enthusiasm and good vibes.

The collection is a collaboration between IKEA and the Raw color designer duo, combining colors and shapes in a minimalist style to add a touch of joy to the interior, they are now available in all Ikea stores to incorporate into your home.

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