Modern bathrooms with built-in taps: elegantly simple

Modern bathroom with built-in taps

Are you going to renovate your bathroom soon? Have you considered installing built-in faucets? If you want to give it a modern and elegant look, it is an excellent option to consider. If you don't look at the modern bathrooms with built-in taps that we propose to you today. Elegantly simple, right?

Built-in taps They are installed inside the wall instead of being exposed, offering numerous functional and aesthetic advantages to the bathroom that transform it. Today we talk to you about these advantages and the many possibilities that built-in faucets offer you so that you too can create an oasis of tranquility and style in your home.

Advantages of built-in faucets

Built-in faucets offer several functional advantages that make them a popular choice for modern bathrooms. In addition to certain aesthetic benefits if you want to go for a clean and refined style. Discover them!

Modern bathroom with built-in taps

  • Space optimization: By recessing the faucet into the wall, you eliminate the need for exposed faucets that take up space on the sink counter. This provides a cleaner, more minimalist look, while optimizing space.
  • Greater durability: Being embedded in the wall, the faucet is more protected from knocks, which helps extend its useful life.
  • Less noise: The built-in taps are isolated inside a box in such a way that the noise produced by the water through the installation pipes is reduced to a minimum.
  • Easy cleaning: There aren't as many exposed areas for dirt or limescale to accumulate, making it less expensive to clean. You will save time on your daily cleaning routine.
  • Greater visual lightness: By having the taps have less prominence because they are less exposed, a feeling of lightness is achieved in the bathroom.
  • minimalist design: Built-in faucets provide a minimalist and modern look that is welcome in any modern bathroom.
  • Possibility of customization: The wide variety of styles and finishes makes it easy to customize the bathroom to fit your design preferences. You can choose from a wide range of options, from taps with simple lines to more avant-garde or vintage-inspired designs.

Only one drawback

And what are its drawbacks? Few if we compare it with the advantages. In fact, the built-in faucet has a only drawback: the need to do work to embed certain elements of the faucet in the wall.

In a new home that is under construction there will not be any problem, but in the case of a renovation it could be a problem. more work and budget than you want to take on. You would have to have, to begin with, the help of a professional to carry out the work and avoid possible inconveniences and also restore all the bathroom tiling.

Modern bathroom with built-in taps

Trends: Which faucets should I choose?

The growing popularity of built-in taps has contributed to brands betting on very different options playing with finishes and colors. However, as in almost everything, there are also trends in faucets and this 2023 there are especially popular options to dress that modern bathroom that we long for.

Modern bathrooms with built-in taps

Minimalism continues to be a trend in the bathroom and therefore there is no better time than now to opt for a built-in faucet that contributes to this aesthetic. But what type of design to choose and in what color?

  • Single-lever and contactless faucets. Single-lever faucets have been the preferred option for years for those who opt for a modern and minimalist bathroom and will continue to be so, although they will have competition: contactless or touchless faucets. If those that are already common in hotels, shopping centers, etc. and they turn on when the sensor detects movement. A mechanism that can be a water saving measure at home.
  • Matte black and brass. This 2023, taps in matte black and brass tones will continue to be trendy choices. Matte black is the favorite of those looking for minimalist bathrooms in black and white tones, but also the most suffered color for those who consider cleaning and maintenance as a priority when making a decision. Brass, for its part, is ideal for those looking for modern bathrooms with classic or vintage reminiscences.
  • Smart features. Since you are going to face a job to opt for built-in faucets, why not choose smart models? Taps with functions that allow you to control the pressure and temperature of the water, for example.


By opting for built-in faucets in your bathroom, you will not only be improving its functionality, but you will also be contributing to creating a modern and visually lighter environment. Modern bathrooms with built-in taps are also not impossible. If you are going to undertake work at home or build your own home, consider them as an alternative to traditional taps. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your bathroom into an oasis of style and comfort with these beautiful and elegant trend faucets.

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