Original Christmas trees made with wood

christmas tree wood

If you don't have a budget or want to buy one of those huge Christmas trees, here's a new idea to do Christmas trees made of wood. There are many ways to take advantage of some wood that we have at home. From old pallets to boards that we no longer use, to make these nice trees.

The idea is simple, but it offers magnificent results. In addition, the materials that are needed to create these peculiar trees are basic: to join the boards, hammer and keys (the glue also works), a saw in case we need to cut them and paint for wood in case we want to give it a touch of color.

Christmas Trees
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Ideas of Christmas trees made of wood

These wooden Christmas trees stand anywhere and take up very little space. Without a doubt, they offer us a very original way of decorate our homes for Christmas and fill our homes with a very special atmosphere. Let's review some ideas below:

simply wood

Tables to make a tree

We start our review with the simpler designs. In these trees we find a little colorful, but a casual and very simple style. You can paint each board a color and put a message to decorate them, or make several trees to create a Christmas set. Of course, if you are going to use several trees, it is better to use an idea without many ornaments, so as not to saturate with the color.

In the image on the left we see several examples of how to arrange the boards of different lengths horizontally, or to use the corners of wooden frames in the shape of an "L". Wearing One single color, the green that emulates the branches of fir trees, the result is magnificent.

On the right, another example of how impressive creations can be obtained in the simplest way: a few boards painted in various colors, a star to crown the tree and, above all, a written message that is suitable for these dates.

Simple decorations

Christmas trees with pallets

If we talk about trees made of wood, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to dress and decorate them. It is much more important to have imagination and creativity. As you can see in the images shown on these lines, it is a simple ornamentation. Conveniently applying the old minimalist dogma of "less is more".

In the examples of the images, two different styles: a wooden tree with the typical Christmas hanging decorations in one case and another in which buttons have been used that simulate the appearance of Christmas balls in the other. Fun and fresh ideas that work without recharging are wooden fir trees with garlands and other aesthetic excesses.

illuminated trees

Christmas trees in wood

These wood trees they are a little more complicated, but also much more spectacular. They are built on a base in which planks have been used to reproduce the branches around them. Making wooden trees following these types of designs takes a lot more work. And the lights give the whole a warm and almost magical atmosphere.

The example on the left is almost like a nativity scene full of figurines. On each branch-plank, which serves as a shelf, decorations and small lighted candles are placed. This idea is very effective, with the tiny flames making the shadows of the figurines appear to be in motion. The candles give the tree a special touch, although they force us to observe certain precautions. Do not forget that the combination of wood and fire is not the most recommended.

Even more practical is the example on the right, in which the real candles have been replaced by artificial lighting, this time combined with Christmas balls of different colors. Given the choice, LED lights are better, which also do not give off heat.

small works of art

Wood trees

Let's dare with more complex and elaborate designs. The limits are set our skills and our ability to invent new ways and solutions. With the right materials and a creative mind, small works of art can be built.

Two examples: on the left, a tree that is actually a practical piece of furniture in the form of a shelf. It has small shelves to place the Christmas figures, ledges on which to hang the decorations and spaces to integrate the lights; in the image on the right, a tree built with wooden modules of different sizes. The decoration is completed with colored paint, a good complementary ornamentation in the background and elements adhered to the surfaces of the planks.

How to make a Christmas tree out of wood

All the examples presented in the previous section stand out for their originality, although it is possible that they do not quite fit with the idea that you may have in mind. The positive part of this is that we are always on time create our own Christmas tree design made of wood following our own tastes.

Of course, we cannot offer you designs with that level of customization, although we can present you with some suggestions so that you can find your way to achieve your goal. Take note of these three ideas:

pallet wood slats

Big square caramels

Recycle the slats of the pallets it is something that allows us to give a new life to your wooden slats in the form of new furniture (it is very common in garden furniture y shelves), but also in the shape of a Christmas tree.

For this specific use, we can take advantage of the shape of the corners of the pallet to design "pointed" trees, that is, in the shape of a spike. It is also possible to arrange the planks horizontally, from bottom to top and from largest to smallest. There are many possibilities, which also multiply when we resort to complementary decoration.

painted christmas tree

painted christmas trees

They are not strictly Christmas trees made of wood, although they do use wood as support. If we are minimally skilled in drawing, we have a great opportunity to make a truly original Christmas decorative element.

Ideally, the wood of the plank is dark and we give it a square or rectangular shape. Then we will only need a little white paint. The most recommended is first make a small pencil sketch on paper and then reproduce it on the wooden surface. Above, some nice examples.

branches and ropes

christmas tree branches

If you have the opportunity to take a walk through the woods or through a park in your city, do not miss the opportunity to collect small trunks and branches fallen from trees. With them, you can make an original and beautiful hanging wooden Christmas tree.

At home, use ropes and cords to join the trunks and branches and give rise to the shape of a Christmas tree, simple but full of charm, which you can later hang on the wall or in any corner of your home. Add some simple decorations to finish off the design and wow visitors.

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