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outdoor shower

Global warming threatens us with hotter and hotter summers. Every year that passes the danger of suffering a heat wave invades us. What do we do if we don't have a pool at home? How can we survive the summer apocalypse?

Each one resorts to their ingenuity, a cold shower, a hose, a bucket or bucket of water... but the truth is that it is not necessary to have a swimming pool to install an outside shower to beat the heat in our garden or terrace. That's how it is!

Ideas to have an outdoor shower

External shower in a house

I have always lived in a flat, at a time when the idea that every building had a swimming pool was a dream. So when summer came we would go down to the garden, connect the hose to the faucet and get a little wet. With luck, a neighbor would set up one of those pools made of plastic fabric and make our summer more enjoyable.

Of course, if we live in a house without a pool, the hose becomes an impromptu ally. As an adult, who has not cooled off with this while sunbathing? The hose can get us out of the way, no doubt; But isn't a shower more comfortable?

External shower on a terrace

Today, in many decoration magazines and websites, you can see outdoor showers to beat the heat. They are common in hotels or beach bungalows, to get rid of the sand before entering the accommodation, but we can take that idea and take it to our small house or our apartment with a terrace. Of course!

We don't have to have a pool to install one. shower in our garden or terrace. We can install it independently and create different environments for it depending on both our budget and our aesthetic sense. If there is a desire not to suffer from heat, there are ideas.

To the question of why install an external shower there are many good answers: if you have children it is the best way to keep the house clean, if you have a barbecue in the summer, too; if you have Pets, not to mention, if you practice running, if you take care of your garden as well since the dirt from walking between plants remains there and finally, going back to the beginning of our article, if it is very hot then you take a cool shower and here is!

During the summer have a garden shower it's really handy. It allows us to cool off while sunbathing or doing other activities without having to leave the garden. Contrary to what it might seem, its installation is not complicated and does not require a large space either.

outdoor showers


We can place the shower in one of the exterior walls from home or create her own space somewhere in the garden. The latter option, however, will require more installation work and probably more investment, depending on the distance to the water intakes.

Anyway, nowadays, any skilled plumber takes the pipes to you anywhere. You just have to lift the earth a little, make the channel and cover again. The garden will be a little strange for a few days but then everything returns to normal. It's even easier than installing typical automatic sprinklers.

outdoor shower options


Once we have thought about and decided on the place, we will have to think about how we are going to present it. In the long run it will be practical to have taken care of certain details such as the type of support, the soil material and/or possible accessories. The money that we invest well today will be one less headache in the future.

If, in addition to being practical, we want to convert the external shower in an oasis, we will have to incorporate an extra dose of creativity into the design. A ceramic floor it is clean and therefore very suitable for the shower; but we can also use treated wood platforms about stones to help the water drain.

You have to think about materials that resist not only water and humidity but also weather, including the sun or what can be detached from nearby plants.

Colonial outdoor shower

Next to the shower we can place a coat rack or stool to place the towel and arrange some plants to make the place more refreshing. And I think that, if we have a wall, a hook to hang the towel or the clothes we take off is essential.

Styles there are many. You can choose a stripped back beach style, or transform that corner into a mini spa of typical Southeast Asian luxury. Going a little further, I think it would even be convenient to install a foot shower, in addition to the body shower, to use with the pet, to quickly clean the feet of children who have that habit of going in and out of the house all the time...

External shower with hose

Options are many; Get inspired by the images we have selected to create yours. Do you like the Greek style of white and blue, as if you were in Mykonos? Do you prefer to feel in Bali while you wash your hair with coconut scented shampoo? Or is your thing the Ingalls style, with brass and wood?

External shower on the floor

Finally, the external showers on the terraces Sure, they can't be as comfortable or spacious, unless your terrace is great, but it's still possible to install one.

The ideal is that your kitchen has access to the terrace to be able to take out the cold water pipe. Getting into construction work is a bit more complicated, but if the design of your apartment allows it, I think you will enjoy your summer afternoons much more, your return from work, your tanning session, your early mornings of more than 38 degrees Celsius... All with a external shower to beat the heat.

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