Paint the bedroom walls blue

blue bedroom

El azul It is one of the most popular and used colors to paint the walls of a room. It is a color that gathers many of the desirable characteristics for a bedroom: Inspires calm, promotes sleep, stimulates the imagination and promotes more positive thinking. Nothing better for our rest.

Beyond the benefits for our mind, blue also offers countless decorative possibilities. To begin with, there is a wide range of blues to choose from (more than 100 different shades have been catalogued), each with its own particular stamp. On the other hand, if we combine it intelligently with other colors, we will be able to create all kinds of pleasant and suggestive environments.

Benefits of the color blue

Beyond aesthetic considerations, there are many scientific studies that have determined the positive effects of the color blue on the human brain. Not surprisingly, it is a color that is often used in the world of advertising and marketing.

Perhaps the explanation is that this is the color of the sky and the sea. Blue has an unquestionable relaxing power and, therefore, can improve our physical and psychological health.

In his work Color psychology, how colors act on feelings and reason, Eva heller draws the following conclusions about the color blue:

  • Is favorite color of the majority of the population.
  • It is a color that brings Relaxing y serenity. *
  • Inspire tranquility, confidence y security.
  • Improves creativity and productivity.

All in all, blue is the perfect color for a bedroom. In this post we are going to focus on the walls, although even in a room decorated with any other shade, a small touch of blue is essential for our well-being.

(*) The same study indicates that blue may not be the best option for the room of a depressed or excessively melancholic person. In these cases it is better to look for the revitalizing effect of other colors such as green or orange.

If your dream is to have a nice blue bedroom in your house, here are some interesting ideas:

Blue only on the walls

blue bedroom

Paint one or all of your bedroom walls blue. The transformative effect It will surprise you, regardless of the variety chosen: Prussian blue, cobalt, turquoise... With the coldest blues we will fill the room with calm and stillness; with the most intense we will evoke visions of the sea and the sky, while the softer tones will be more suitable for other kinds of color combinations.

Navy blue can be the perfect option for a nautical decoration bedroom, in an apartment or house near the sea. Instead, a pale blue will be much more appropriate in a Children's room to ensure the good rest of the little ones in the house.

How to decorate rooms with blue walls
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In the case of a bedroom with a lot of light, it is good to bet on dark blues; On the other hand, if it is not a room that is too bright, it will always be more advisable to opt for lighter tones.

Another factor that will influence when deciding which shade of blue to choose is the bedroom sizeespecially his height. Visually, light blue will enlarge small rooms, while dark blue will do the opposite. It's not a sacred rule, but it can help.

all in blue

blue bedroom

This is the most radical alternative, although there are different degrees. As charming as a blue bedroom is, excess is never advisable. However, many decorators maintain that decorating a room with a single color (using, yes, different shades and varieties) offers spectacular results.

Among the most common formulas are those of use the same blue as the walls for the bedding, or at least for duvets or cushions. This is a very successful way of creating continuity in the design of the room. And this goes for any color, not just blue. It is true that there are those who consider this solution to be too flat, although it is no less pleasant for that.

The same color can also be extended to the bedroom rugs, although it should be varied in the case of curtains, lamps and other elements. An example of this is in the image above. A sober and sensible distribution of color.

Combinations with other colors

blue bedroom

Many of the blues used to paint bedroom walls have a small gray hue (remember that gray is currently one of the trending colors in the world of decoration). Besides, the blue-gray combination It's been around since the world began.

Other colors that work in a blue bedroom and help us achieve spaces that inspire peace are beige and white. The first brings a touch of warmth and slightly reduces the intensity of the blue on the walls. On the other hand, white can be our best ally to break with hegemony. It is a little colder, but at the same time brighter. The key is in the right dose to achieve balance.

We must not underestimate what the elements of other colors can bring us either. To give a touch of contrast, without this being too strident, we can use brighter colors such as red, different shades of orange and even yellow.

blue wallpaper

blue wallpaper

Finally, we mention a very practical resource: wallpaper or wallpaper. One way of and is to completely change the appearance of our bedroom. It is often used a lot in children's rooms, but they are perfectly valid in all types of bedrooms. In addition, they have the added advantage that this paper is very easy to install, and that we can also change it when we get tired of it.

Another advantage to highlight is the huge number of designs that we find in the market. Thus, we will always be able to choose the one that best suits the decoration of our bedroom. The most important thing is to know how to place it well, to avoid a negative effect.

One advantage that wallpaper has over paint is that it allows us to opt for flat designs or others with all kinds of motifs or drawings. For example, in children's rooms, sky blue with small drawings of clouds or stars is popular. For adult bedrooms there are other possibilities, from geometric designs to suggestive motifs like the one in the image above.

Finally, it should be mentioned that there are models of wallpaper with different textures and reliefs, which adds an additional point of interest to the decoration of our bedroom.

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