Proposals to integrate a children's corner in the living room

children's corner

When there are children at home, it is common to find toys scattered here and there. The little ones like to share their favorite activities and therefore it is not uncommon for the living room to end up as an improvised play area. Thus it is impossible to have the stay in order, which is sometimes a source of conflict between parents and children. One way to solve this is create a children's corner in the living room.

It's basically applying that old rule of “if you can't beat your enemy, join him”. It is impossible for the little ones in the house to understand what we want and act as we would. They're just kids! The smartest thing is to stop improvising and accept what is at home. Instead of spending vain efforts to tidy up, we can try integrate.

The best thing about enabling a children's corner in our living room or in the living room is that we are going to achieve family harmony. Obviously, you have to do it right, trying to involve the children in the project. Another positive aspect is that this can be achieved without spending too much money. The most important thing is to have imagination and good taste.

Use space wisely

children's play room

Of course, the ideal is to have a large house with many rooms. In this way, one of them can be reserved to become the "Games' room". Unfortunately, this is not always within our reach, so we have no choice but to resort to creativity.

There are those who decide to make a "2 x 1" by converting the free room of the house into a multipurpose space: ironing room, office, study corner or games room. Its use at all times will depend on the needs of the family and the schedules of each of its members.

Child's bedroom
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The option we explore in this post is somewhat different. Is about harmonize the presence of a children's corner within a space that, in principle, is not intended to accommodate a game room: our living room at home, where we relax watching TV, reading or chatting with our loved ones. Choosing a place in the room is easy, but creating that space for the children correctly is somewhat more complicated.

First of all, you have to ask yourself certain questions: What is it that entertains to our kids? They like to read? Do you enjoy painting? Do they entertain themselves playing with dolls?

Not all children are the same. And only we know our own well. Answering these questions correctly will help us decorate the space in the most appropriate way. On the other hand, we will not need to buy large furniture. In most cases, a few well-chosen accessories will suffice.

Like everything, when designing this part of the house there are some rules What will be necessary to observe:

  • Delimit the space well. Properly delimit the place for children and adults. It may be an invisible border, but it must be clear to everyone in the house.
  • Use furniture, chests and shelves to store toys, books, etc. Order is essential so that our children's corner does not become chaos that spreads throughout the room. All stores have interesting options.
  • Choose a well lit site, if possible with natural light.
  • Avoid walkways, so as not to trip over the toys or disturb the little ones in their games.
  • Making sure that the children's corner is perfectly safe for our little ones. For example, avoid being near a fireplace where they can be burned or a ladder where they can fall (if we are talking about small children).

Now let's see some interesting ideas to create that children's corner in the living room:

Reading corner

reading corner

It is an obligation of every good father or mother instill in your children the habit of reading and the curiosity to learn. Creating a reading corner at home is one of the best ways to do it.

This corner must be comfortable, quiet, pleasant and beautiful. To achieve this, you have to resort to rugs and cushions, comfortable seats (it can be a puff or even a small reading chair for children). Above all, we have to find a well-lit corner of the room.

In a reading corner it is essential to have shelves to store children's books and stories.

for little artists

children artists

If our children like to paint or do crafts, we will have to add to the space a small table, that can even be folded so that it is collected when the children do not use it. We can complement it with some chairs, some stools or even some colored puffs. The idea is that the space is fun and stimulating for them.

In this creative space, accessories that help us maintain order, such as specific drawers for paints and pencils, cannot be missing. Nor should we forget about the shelves, or leave a free wall where you can display your creations.

Creating a warm and welcoming space


Whatever the activity or activities to which you will allocate the corner, make sure it is welcoming. How? A great idea is to dress it up with a warm carpet Let them play barefoot. The good thing about the rug is that it will also serve to mark the limits of the play area in the room.

It is also a great proposal to incorporate into the space a fun teepee, which will make children feel that their play area is at the same time an adventure area. This element can also serve as a storage space: when the children have finished playing, all the objects are stored inside this fabric tent to leave the living room uncluttered.

The order, essential

basket toys

Even before aesthetic considerations, the question of order is the one to which we must pay more attention. Otherwise, we run the risk of turning our living room into absolute chaos. Luckily, we have many very imaginative solutions at our disposal.

Here are some practical ideas: wooden boxes with wheels, to be able to transport them without problems and change them from place to place; vegetable fiber baskets in which to store toys, books, stuffed animals and painting supplies; low cabinets and low shelving so that the little ones can access without problems...

Even more important is involve children in the idea of ​​order: you have to play, have fun and let your imagination run wild, but it is also important to know that after playtime you have to pick up and leave everything clean and tidy. This is a team effort, of the whole family.

Images: joybird, Pixabay

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