Raw trend, a natural style to decorate your home

Raw trend

A couple of years ago the raw trend was the protagonist of numerous decoration editorials and it has not stopped being so. And the idea of ​​creating more natural spaces with materials as the center and sustainability as a goal has made a deep impact.

The raw style is a pleasant, cozy and easy to digest style in which untreated wood takes on a great role along with other natural materials. And that is what it is about betting on naturalness, on organic shapes and imperfections. Do you like the idea? Discover all the keys to the raw style and put them into practice in your home.

Raw style keys

The raw style reconnects with nature through decoration and to do so, it relies on materials in their natural, raw and imperfect state. Untreated wood, plant fibers and textiles made of cotton and linen serve to create a natural, relaxed atmosphere that not only does not have to be rustic but tends to be modern and contemporary.

Interiors with a raw trend

Raw woods as protagonists

Raw style and wood go hand in hand. Now not just any piece of wood works in this style, these must be natural, raw and unpolished. No varnishes or dyes that hide its imperfections or soften its texture.

Wooden pieces should exude personality and have weight in the decoration of each room. To do this, it is better to go for “less is more”, choosing a single piece of raw wood furniture and in any case a second auxiliary per room that contributes this raw trend.

Raw wood furniture is usually visually heavy and if several pieces are put together in the same space, they could overload the environment. So make sure you choose each piece and place it in a place that allows you to give it importance, where the piece can breathe.

In the dining room choose a table with a natural wood top untreated and black metal legs to give it a modern look. Next, place a shelf on the wall to place some pieces of dishes and other objects that are important to you. In the living room you could opt for a coffee table and in the bedroom for a bench or small table.

Natural materials that complement it

Other natural materials work very well with untreated wood: vegetable fibers such as rattan, wicker, or esparto grass, but also cork, cotton, linen and baked clay. All sustainable materials that contribute to creating a personal and relaxed environment in which craftsmanship has great weight.

And it is not enough for the materials are sustainable, the pieces made with these should also be. Because if we only took care of its aesthetics, we could be talking about a rustic style and this raw trend goes further.

Traditional craft pieces

To reinforce the natural character of the room and provide personality and warmth to it, resort to local crafts andIt's always an excellent decision. Give up industrial parts or give them less prominence and support local workshops that are so difficult to maintain. Bet on pieces of handmade tableware, terracotta vases, embroidered tablecloths...

Raw style in decoration

Soft colors for a relaxed atmosphere

Seeing the images and knowing how important it is to create a natural and relaxed atmosphere, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that in the raw style natural tones rule. Ecrus, stones, creams and beiges are perfect to serve as a base in your project. Light and calm colors that will make you feel at home from the first day.

The plants, don't miss them

In a style that wants to connect with nature, plants cannot be missing. It is not advisable, however, to abuse these or choose plants that are too large or with too large leaves. Yes, in terms of plants It is preferable to be subtle and delicate. And just as with the choice of colors, in the raw style it is better to avoid stridency and excesses. A plant here, some wild branches there…

Microcement and black metallic details for a modern touch

Hen/Stag continuous microcement surfaces In preferably warm tones as well as black metallic elements work very well in these spaces, taking them towards more modern and contemporary lines. A touch of black here and there brings dynamism to these spaces but be careful! Don't let the key wooden pieces in your design take center stage, choose them discreet: metal furniture legs, a black vase, a frame...

The raw trend tends to be confused with the rustic style, however, they have little or nothing to do with it beyond the use of natural materials such as wood or plant fibers. In this case and for the treatment given to wood, we find more similarities with the Japandi style.

Do you like it? Does the raw trend seem attractive enough to give your home this style?

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