Renovate your home on your own with ready-to-use microcement

reforms with microcement

Carrying out a home renovation is one of the most interesting actions in terms of quality of life. After all, the home is the central axis of our day to day: a space in which we take refuge to rest and forget all the problems of the outside. Therefore, if we want to optimize the place, nothing like change functional and aesthetic elements. Two different points of view that we can cross off our list of priorities with microcement; running this job on your own.

How to reform the house with ready-to-use microcement

El microcemento is a conglomerate of cement, resins, additives and pigments; which generates a mass that we can apply autonomously to the different rooms of the house. The Do It Yourself philosophy has been predominant for some time -you just have to see the number of video tutorials that exist-; something that has finally reached the home environment. Therefore, If you want to carry out the reform of your home on your own, nothing like putting the focus on a material with these characteristics.

microcement for reforms

Unlike other products, ready-to-use microcement does not require works or long waiting times for drying. All we have to do is review the catalog of the best online stores and invest in the model that best suits the conditions of the property. Because it is precisely this one of the most attractive features of microcement: its ability to modify colors and textures at the whim of the client. The best manufacturers have a huge palette of shades and it is up to you to find the most suitable for each of the rooms in your home.

Regarding the application process, you should know that microcement can be placed directly on all types of surfaces. Yes, in this equation we include some such as tiles, tiles or plasterboard. In turn, it is possible to cover floors, walls and ceilings with microcement alike; so go taking out the ladder to completely renovate the house. In the last place, by not presenting expansion joints, the material gives a smooth and continuous appearance; which represents one of the greatest evidences of aesthetic excellence in any space. An optimal material for interiors and exteriors that you can install on your own.

The advantages of using this material

microcements in kitchens

If you thought that the fact of being able to apply DIY with microcement, the versatility of colors or the simplicity of its use were the only reasons for the success of this material, you could not be more wrong. It is irrelevant whether we hire construction experts or carry out the work ourselves: in all cases we expect excellent results that increase our feeling of well-being as soon as we enter the house. Therefore, it is convenient to analyze all the advantages adjacent to microcement coatings in the same way.

The first benefit we enjoy is adherence and quick drying.. We have already told you that it can be applied on all types of surfaces; but it is that everything can be summed up in a simple five-step job. On the other hand, in the long term we realize the properties of durability that it presents. Resistance to inclement weather, scratches, bumps, human or vehicular traffic, and abrasions; as well as its flexibility are attributes that should be kept in mind. An investment that we enjoy for much longer!

Lastly, we should talk about the price. It may not be the cheapest material a priori; nevertheless, taking into account that we do not need to hire masons and that it has great durability, the savings are more than evident. All this considering in the same way that it is a sustainable material, minimizing the damage we exert on the environment due to the habitability of the home.

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