Rural decoration in urban homes


The rural decoration style is inspired by life in the country. Let us keep in mind that it is a place where tranquility reigns, very different from the big city where stress and tensions are the order of the day.

Rural decoration combines with natural materials such as wood, which adds warmth and comfort and They not only use it for furniture, but for ceilings and floors.

Incorporate upholstery fabrics with thick textures, Scottish prints, which provides a very cozy warm appearance. Another very popular material for rural interiors is leather.

In this article we will give you some rural decoration ideas to incorporate into your home in the city.

Furniture for rural style


Rustic surfaces and warm colors are typical of country style. Therefore, the most used materials in this style are wood and wrought iron, above all.

The furniture in this decoration style is a combination of rustic and antique furniture but comfortable and elegant at the same time.

The material is natural wood, which is often found unpolished with forged details, classic sofas upholstered in leather or fabric, preferably in white or natural tones.

Lighting in a rural style


Country style lighting should be soft and warm, avoiding being too modern and technological. The most used lights are hanging lamps made of wood, glass and wrought iron.

Candles are ideal to add warmth and the fireplace for winter nights provides the perfect warmth of home.


You can not miss the Hanging lamps, the chandeliers, whether for the living room or dining room, combining antique designs with the classic.

You can also incorporate antique lamps with metal shades, aged or white detail designs, You can incorporate wooden chandeliers combined with transparent glass. Many of them have candle-shaped lamps, which is ideal for this option.

There are a large number of lighting designs to decorate your house in rural style.



When it comes to windows, it's important to choose fabrics and styles that reflect the country theme. Look for heavy brocades and cotton fabrics in muted earth tones, as well as ruffles and embellishments to add a feminine touch.

Hen/Stag wooden blinds and shutters can also be a nice complement, as can rustic borders and garlands.

Colors and materials


Colors play an important role in achieving a rural look. Muted tones from the range of earth tones, such as brown, green and beige.

To decorate the environment, we can find elements such as clay pots, natural fabrics and jute ropes. The colors of choice for a rural style are natural ones, such as white, pastel tones, earthy tones and even intense reds and greens.

Look for decorative elements like antique signs, distressed wood frames, and pieces that pay homage to country life.

Fabrics with Scottish style checks for cushions, rugs and quilts. He considers natural fibers, stone, wallpapers that imitate textures, They are elements that are associated with winter in the countryside.

landscape art

An easy and affordable way to bring some country charm to your city home is by adding landscape art to your walls. Look for prints and photographs of rural scenes such as barns, cows, and old trucks.

It's a way to add a touch of nostalgia and the rural charm of yesteryear. You can also try painting your own landscape scenes to add a personal touch to your decor.

flowers and plants


One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add all the style and charm of country decor to your city home is to bring nature inside.

Invest in potted plants and flowers to add a touch of greenery to your decor. Look for hardy plants like ferns, palms, and spider plants, as well as colorful flowers like roses, daisies, and sunflowers.

A few well-placed bouquets decorated with fabric or garlands can also add color and brightness to any room.

Decorative objects in a rural style


It is difficult to define them, but It is true that in a rural style you will always find objects that are reminiscent of nature, such as wicker or wooden baskets full of natural fruits, paintings of rural landscapes, antique keys or wrought iron ornaments, among others.

It is very important to incorporate flowers in all rooms, whether in small pots, vases, vases, It represents the life and color of rural style.

To finish your rural look, you can add posters with photographs or drawings related to nature. These images can be combined with some elements of the room itself, such as plants, bouquets of flowers or textiles.

The rural style is characterized by the simplicity of nature, so you will always achieve a cozy atmosphere associated with this style by incorporating some of these elements.  It is essential to combine them while maintaining a balance, so that the decoration does not seem overloaded.

Finally, you have to keep in mind that To add a rural touch to your urban house you don't need to do a radical renovation nor spend a lot of money. With small details you can achieve the rustic look you are looking for.

In addition, This style is timeless and never goes out of style. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, this decoration style is ideal for adding calm and warmth to your home.

Incorporating some simple decorating ideas such as adding rustic furniture and accessories, choosing country-themed curtains and colors, and adding landscape art, flowers and plants to your decor You can easily create a warm and cozy country-style home, even if you live in the big city.

Let's keep in mind that the rural style can be modern, current and is a very good option to apply to your house in the city. In addition, it is a great way to find the balance to provide spaces with warmth, a touch of nature, cozy places, taking into account and following current decoration trends as a basis.

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