Rustic kitchens for your mountain cabin

rustic kitchen with lots of wood

When one imagines a mountain cabin, immediately draws interiors in which wood and stone take on a special role. Imagine also dark rustic kitchens with a large table or central island where you can enjoy long winter afternoons, right?

The kitchen which I imagine has many of the elements that we can find in the following selection of images: wooden furniture, deep sinks, vintage cupboards and/or uncovered shelves that allow the crockery to be seen and large lamps hanging from the ceiling. Here goes, then, tips for assembling rustic kitchens for your mountain cabin.

Ideas for decorating rustic kitchens in mountain cabins

mountain kitchen

In English there is a word that is used to define those pleasant sensations that certain spaces (or people) awaken: Cozy. Nice, cozy, we would say in Spanish. And I think the countryside style is super cozy. A mixture of La Familia Ingalls with Verano Azul: sun, mountains, open skies, mirrors of water... The ideal postcard of a vacation, of a refuge from our lives from Monday to Friday.

There is certainly something charming about a mountain cabin that it is in the middle of a forest, in the mountains, closer to the sky and its clouds than to the world. A cabin gives us the possibility to be in nature and appreciate the natural rhythm of life. If you have a cabin you are already lucky, and if you are thinking of building it, be it large or small, today I will leave you with some interesting ideas for decorating a space that will be central to it: the more.

simple rustic kitchen

Probably each of us has a slightly different idea in his head of how to decorate this type of kitchen, however, I am sure that we would agree on naming some of these elements. As long as we are talking, of course, about a traditional rustic kitchen; one of the many ways to undertake the decoration of such a space.

Rustic kitchens in mountain cabins

The cabin is, by definition, a country house made of wood. Or where the wood is the main material and we can find it on walls, floors and ceilings. Or furniture! However, it is also very popular stone in the mountain house, and it is for its thermal qualities. No matter what year the cabin in question is from, or when it was built, it surely has these two elements, either in its construction or in its decoration. But, fashions change and today we have mountain cabins of different styles.

Rustic kitchens in mountain cabins

So when we think of a rustic kitchen We think of a cozy space where the couple or family goes to cook, chat, drink coffee and relax. It has to be a space that invites you to leave the world outside And that's where the decoration comes into action.

In terms of kitchen gabinets we can think of sliding barn doors, on iron rails, rustic furniture, warm colors, untreated wood, one more space open concept, handmade details, textured materials, practical storage spaces or if there are prints that are with nature motifs.

barn doors in kitchen

Sliding barn doors are a great detail because you can use them as room dividers as well as cupboards. Made to measure they adapt to any place. The rustic knobs they also add to the general idea and it is the first thing that is changed when one wants to renovate without spending money. It is a super simple way to give another wave to the kitchen: doorknobs, cabinet and drawer pulls, windows. In your mountain cabin or your rustic kitchen you can opt for worn iron or bronze. even for glass or colorful ceramic.

Speaking of colors, it is best to choose warm colors because they are the most welcoming. And I'm not talking about dark palettes, you can use white, beige, oranges, browns, yellows, reds. You just have to see where natural light enters and how much light it is.

country style kitchen

Structural materials aside, rustic kitchens are often decorated with «natural» wood furniture and/or steel when you want to achieve a more industrial look. The furniture is usually simple and in the case of storage, sometimes they should not even have doors, or they are open or have curtains. On the furniture, we generally find robust countertops made of wood, stone and/or cement.

Rustic kitchens in mountain cabins

Not using doors, using concrete or a block of solid wood as a bar or as an island are, in fact, economic decisions that help lower the budget. A island or central table, they tend to generally preside over the space, conceived for something more than cooking. It is usually large enough to accommodate both family and friends who come together in summer. And on them one can place a centerpiece or a bowl with some natural element that brings the outside inside: pine needles, wood, some local decoration.

It is also common to have a chimney or sheet that warms the space, making winters more pleasant. If you can, buying one of those old "cheap kitchens" from before, whether it works or not, you plug it in or not, adds to the rustic décor in a unique way.

wood in the kitchen

Other common elements that these types of kitchens have are large sinks or sinks, as well as cupboards and shelves to organize the crockery. Some lamps that illuminate the space in an intimate way become the favorites; if they are pendants, better. Today they are widely used aluminum lamps, factory style, which look great with wood and iron.

But, speaking of lighting, if you are building your cabin or have an interesting budget, you can always add some roof window or a good pair of French doors that open to the outside. If the landscape deserves it and it sure is, what better than turning it into the best wallpaper in the world?

kitchen with roof window

Are you thinking that you live in the city and can't even think about buying a cabin in the mountains? Well, sometimes you can create private spaces no matter where you live. I want to say that you can put together your own rustic mountain cabin kitchen in your city flat. It doesn't matter if it's big or small, all you have to do is update the decoration a bit, change a cabinet or add a tiled sink or iron details for your kitchen to change its look. What do you think of these ideas?

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