Sail awnings to protect your outdoor spaces

Sail awnings

Fall is a good time to discuss how we can improve outdoor spaces of our home. If this summer you have felt that you lacked a place protected from the sun and rain in which to rest or enjoy a meal with your friends and family, perhaps it is an awning to see what you need or two!

Sail awnings They provide you with a visor to be able to enjoy each and every summer day without worrying about the weather! And not only are they practical, sail awnings are capable of transforming the aesthetics of your terrace or garden economically. Do you want to know more about these awnings?

Sail awnings easy to install by means of ropes that knotted to its ends allow to fix it to poster or walls and to tighten it. They also adapt to all types of spaces; even the narrowest. Given these characteristics, it should not be surprising that every day they are more popular.

sail awnings

Features of sail awnings

Sail awnings are common in terraces and gardens where they are usually used to protect certain areas from the sun's rays and rain. Their characteristics make them not only appropriate, but attractive, in those environments. Do you want to know why?

  • They are waterproof. They are generally made from thick polyester fabrics with hydrophobic properties. Thus and thanks to its structural design, water flows over it without flooding it. As a result, awnings made of this type of material are resistant to moisture and mold.
  • They provide protection against sun rays. Sail awnings have a specific weight and are covered by impregnating agents to bounce 100% of the harmful light caused by ultraviolet radiation. They will allow you to take a break on a sunny day under a pleasant shade without prejudice.

Fixing sail awnings

  • They install with ease. They have metal grommets at each end of the sail to facilitate their installation. The seams are strong and the fabric is a little elastic to be able to tighten it properly, thus preventing water from accumulating in it. You can fix them both to walls using bolts and to posts.
  • They are versatile. They are in the market with different shapes, sizes and colors, being able to combine them to achieve more attractive results. They do not require a large space to be installed and can even be placed in narrow spaces. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or with a specific angle of inclination, it all depends on you.

Sail awnings

  • They are very inexpensive. They are cheaper than other outdoor solutions such as electric awnings or pergolas. There are small sail awnings (300x300x300 cm.) That you can get for less than 30 euros, something that, without a doubt, encourages you to buy them.

Types of sail awnings

Sail awnings are used to generate shady spaces on terraces and gardens and in order to adapt to a greater number of spaces take different forms: triangular, rectangular, square ... Shapes inspired by the sails of ships; hence its name.

  • Triangular: Triangle awnings are a favorite when creating shade in tight spaces. It is common to find two of its ends anchored to the facade of the house and the third to a post on the other side of a leisure area. In neutral tones they are ideal for creating shaded seating areas. Although if you are looking to create a more special space you can bet on intense colors or compositions in which you use two, three and up to four awnings.
    Triangular sail awnings
  • Rectangular: The rectangular and square awnings give the outdoor spaces a more traditional aesthetic. They are usually used to cover patios, terraces or garage spaces, in addition to the same purposes for which triangular sail awnings are used. Awnings in raw colors are the most popular, but it is also common to find them with blue tones in houses with a Mediterranean or beach atmosphere.

Rectangular sail awnings

Why install sail awnings?

There are many reasons for wanting to install sail awnings on our terrace or garden. Protecting outdoor spaces from the sun's rays and rain, as we have already mentioned, is one of the most frequent reasons to install them. But so is achieve some privacy when we have (indiscreet) neighbors nearby, as in the case of urbanizations.

What more uses can we give to sail awnings?

  • Shade gardens, terraces and patios.
  • Protect from the sun children's play areas, barbecue areas and outdoor dining areas.
  • Cover pools and hot tubs.
  • Protect garden and outdoor furniture.
  • Cover parking spaces and animal enclosures.

Did you know sail awnings? Will you take them into account to improve your outdoor spaces for next summer? Don't let time go by and prepare your garden now or terrace so that when spring arrives you can enjoy 100% of them without having to think about the weather. They will not represent a large investment and you can install them yourself.

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